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Laugh With Me

Celebrating 6 Years of Blogging

Uh oh.

Looks like I haven't changed, not even an iota. If anything, I've gotten worse.

The deja vu while reading that post was out of control. Not only did I forget my blogging anniversary once again (missed it by a day last year, missed it by a whole week this year... for shame), but also I'm headed up to Tahoe again this weekend. That made me chuckle.

Exactly a week ago, my blog turned 6 years old! I have a full-fledged grade-schooler on my hands! To celebrate six years, I thought I'd play a little game: six "six things" lists, and I'm going to say SIX one more time because I'm superstitious like that and didn't want 3 six's in this sentence... you still here, friends?

Grab a cup of coffee, and let's go.

Six Things I've Committed To For More Than Six Years

1 // ...
2 // ...
3 // ... working out?
4 // ...
5 // (a hard no to the above)
6 // ...

... so yes, even if last year was hardly a real "blogging year," this is still a huge deal to me. I've stuck with this space - or more accurately, this space has stayed with me - longer than I was in college, longer than I've been in the working world. It's outlived any other hobby, as well as a couple of friendships here and there sadly. It's been here before I could really call myself a traveler or a resident of San Francisco or discovered a true love of lattes and red wine, all key to my identity today. It's wild to me!

Six Destinations On My Bucket List

1 // the Istria region of Croatia, which borders Italy and is food-and-wine-central. Yes please.
2 // even more of Eastern Europe: Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, among others.
3 // Democratic Republic of Georgia - can you even?!
4 // Japan, so that I can eat my way through it.
5 // Portugal, for pasteis de nata and also because Lisbon is a sister city to San Francisco.
6 // Guilin, China - I've been dying to visit since I was a little girl!

The extended version is 60 if not 600 places too many to list, but for now these are on top. There are also so many places around the world that I want to re-visit / explore further, like Scotland and Spain!

Six Favorite Experiences Documented On This Blog

1 // My four incredible years at Stanford University, from once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like studying abroad for a quarter at Oxford University, to our very wacky graduation, to the extraordinarily ordinary moments vividly captured in the hallways of my freshman dorm. Having a home for these memories to live is priceless to me.

2 // In that same timeframe, I interned at NBCUniversal and lived in New York City for a summer, and it was one of the "omfg is this real life" experiences. (Relevant posts here, here, and here.)

3 // I mentioned this, but my love for travel (and the Balkans!) blossomed after the birth of this blog, which is fortunate because diaries from many of those trips are found here. I'm not even going to list favorites because that'd take forever, but you can read all travel-related posts here.

4 // Life in San Francisco: this is an magical city, and I'm so thankful to call it home. Writing about this city, its quirks, its restaurants and neighborhoods really pushes me to keep exploring too!

5 // Goes with the above, but blogging about my 20's as I'm living it has been so, so special. First jobs, moving to the city, learning to cook - for real, the first thing I ever cooked was proudly exhibited here - my first apartment... it's alllllll in these archives.

6 // Welcoming my baby nephew: this is one I haven't talked about in too much detail here to respect his privacy, but from the moment we heard about his imminent arrival Christmas of 2016, to feeling him kick in Maui, to meeting him in August and even snuggling with him this weekend - he is all the joy. Here is a little video I made when he was still a tiny little thing, if you're interested!

Six Things About My Life Right Here, Right Now 

1 // I live in a five bedroom apartment in a super hipster and SUNNY neighborhood of San Francisco. It was 80 degrees here this weekend, can you believe that?

2 // I'm the furthest thing from hipster. The furthest.

3 // In fact, I'm really more like a 75-year-old grandma who wants to feed you shortbread and coffee  and tell you stories about the days of my youth more than anything. Youth = the 1x a year I go dancing or stay up past 10pm.

4 // I live with two of my best friends... best idea ever or worst idea ever? 

5 // I work at a tech startup - it's a software company that powers social video so if you have any questions about all those Tasty videos on Facebook or the cute puppy videos you see on Instagram or if you're wondering if 'startup perks' really are a thing, hit me up!

6 // I rarely wear color. Neutrals - gray, especially - are my jam. I went to the Color Factory and just about had a conniption, and so I put myself in time-out in the black-and-white room. (Funny enough, I'm wearing hot pink right now... I think it's the brightest thing I have in my closet, and it's the first time I've worn it in months.)

Also, I'm...

Six Things I've Finagled Out Of Blogging 

1 // A personal history book: see "favorite experiences" section above.

2 // Internet savvy, which has influenced my getting multiple jobs and internships.

3 // Several really neat small businesses and cool brands being on my radar as a consumer.

4 // Recommendations for things to do, eat, and see in cities all over the world!

5 // Friends! What a privilege it is to be familiar with so many of your stories! (PS. a huge congratulations to sweet Jordyn who got ENGAGED this weekend!!)

6 // Awesome material goodies through collaborations and giveaways; some of my most worn items are a direct result of the blogosphere. Favorites include: Matt Bernson booties, this Lo & Son travel tote, La Canadienne Chelsea boots, and my classic Tory Burch riding boots. With an exception of the riding boots, I've used all of the above within the last 24 hours... the boots were too little for my calves from Day 1 but they're just. SO. PRETTY. whenever I do feel like cutting off my circulation.

Six Questions I Have For You

1 // What social media platforms do you prefer? Are you an Instagram Stories person like myself, or a Pinterest gal perhaps?

2 // Is there anything I don't write about currently, that you think I should cover?

3 // Is there anything I write about that you're like - no more! (I won't be offended, I swear!)

4 // How do you decide what posts to read for any of the blogs you follow? Do you go through your whole Bloglovin feed (that's what I do!), are you reminded through social media perhaps?

5 // Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

6 // What's your blog or Instagram URL - I want to say hi!!

If you're still reading... bless you! And, thank you. Truly, truly.

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