Girl On Fire: What Sparks Your Inner Beyonce?

This past Sunday night, I was on a caffeine high. Two large coffees (one of which was from Philz, which gets me wired in the amount of time it took you to read this sentence) downed plus a visit to the funniest friends out there that resulted in hours of hilarity and a $50 Taco Bell delivery later, I was overly stimulated and had too much java flowing through my veins. I know this because I kept on jolting awake throughout the night until I finally gave up at 5:30am and merely began to read Yes Please with the dawning light. That, and the tingly feeling in my fingertips that lasted until late afternoon.

Oh, but that tingly feeling in my fingertips! It's gotten me through many a writing rut, rainy day, and "getting my ducks in a row." It's the surefire way to get me motivated, productive, and inspired.

But self-induced tingly feelings aren't the only way to get me up and at 'em, to give me a little extra pep in my step. Blasting Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys was actually a foolproof method, especially in my sophomore year. Press play, and Caroline starts to tap away on her keyboard. 

More recently, however, my go-to has been freshly threaded eyebrows. There's just something about a perfect arch that makes a girl unstoppable. Giving and receiving genuine compliments. The off chance that my hair dries just perfectly. A gin cocktail in hand and in bloodstream, and a conversation about a topic that I know really, really thoroughly. A powerful lecture given by an engaging professor. Heels in which I sashay and not wobble. The Golden Hour. Sitting in the window seat of a moving vehicle whilst gazing contemplatively into the distance. Making someone laugh until their abs hurt. The first only 30 seconds of a jog before I start flailing and dying. Wearing a spiky corset and sky high Louboutin's, with Blue Ivy on one hip, and BEYONCE in lights above me .... oh wait.

Friends, what makes you feel like you can conquer the world ... or get out of bed on a Wednesday morning even?

A Rose By Any Other Name: Alternative Blog Names

Three years ago, I started this blog on a whim and called it "Perpetually Caroline," because at least that'd always be true. I didn't want to do "Eighteen and Fabulous" because even if I could stay eighteen forever, I don't think I'd know how to fake "fabulous" for more than a week. I didn't want to do "Surviving College 101" because I was ambitious back then and had a feeling I'd graduate someday. I didn't want to do "Skirts and Makeup" because even then I knew myself enough to know that I'd give up any semblance of put together-ness sooner rather than later. You get the point. I knew very well that everything I knew, everything I liked, everything I was in January of 2012 could change because let's be real, what does one really know for certain at eighteen?

Thus, I chose "Perpetually Caroline" – and as far as I'm concerned, that's remained accurate thankfully. (OH BUT WILL IT if I change my name to Caroline Kate Middleton and insist everyone call me by my full name?)

If I were to have started this blog right this second, though? I'm thinking one of these would be perfect:

Dear Mindy Kaling, It's Me, Caroline
I'd Rather Be Sleeping
Wine and Whining*
Whining and Dining*
Heaven Is A Place On Earth Called Hogwarts
Are Six Cappuccinos Too Many*
Reasons Why My Bank Account Hates Me
Shall We Stargaze
How To Survive at Stanford Without Really Trying*
Caroline, Perpetually
I Have A Coldstone Heart
Things I'm Doing When I'm Not Doing My Laundry
Can You Send This To Me?*
Can You Take A Picture of Me?*
Define "Gym" Please
Buy Me Airplane Tickets, And I'm All Yours
Yes, Netflix, I'd Like To Continue Please
Excuse Me, What?
Too Fuzzy For A Startup*
65 Degrees, and I'm Freezing
Can I Wear Pajamas To This
Is It Naptime Yet
Running on 98% Caffeine
Is The Pizza On Its Way*

*These are the ones my roommate / best friend suggested, so now we all know how she really feels about it, thanks girl LYLAS.

Currently :: February

I am self-aware enough to know that if I think I could compete with #DressGate and #LlamaGate, I'm more loco than –– OKAY BUT IS IT WHITE AND GOLD OR BLUE AND BLACK. Someone please save us all. Truth is, it changed for me. I saw one, and then hours later, I saw the other.

Dear world, enjoy the little secret that we psychology majors have known since Day 1 of Psychology Major 101: perception is subjective and wacko, and our minds are out to get us.

With that said, the rest of February (February! Say what?!), I've been...
Watching :: my way through FRIENDS. (Am Caroline's real life friends, can confirm. She has not been sighted in a concerning number of days.)

Eating :: a lot of snacks! I'm not typically a snacker, but this month I've been all about the dried mangoes and BBQ chips and Samoas and red velvet AND birthday cake Oreos. BRB, off to do a crunch. One. One crunch.

Chilling :: with a lot of parents! February has been a month of parents (mine, friends', strangers' too I guess) dropping by for visits, and we've been reaping benefits like good food and vacuumed rooms. Of course our dorm room always looks this impeccable, why would you ever question that?

Planning :: my Spring Break in Austin! Plane tickets, check. Friends to hang out with, check. A Google Doc of a million different restaurants I need to try, to be checked!! Any suggestions?

Playing :: beach volleyball. Well, not me personally because beach volleyball is a physical activity, so yeah right. But it's been so warm and sunny here that people spend weekends sprawled out on lawns in their bikinis suntanning, or playing beach volleyball, or sloshball, or makeshift mini-golf, or other A-hole things to do when it's 80 degrees here and only here. (Don't hate me, I'm so sorry.)

Reading :: Yes Please. To which I say, yes please!
Enjoying :: A lot of me-time on weekends. Which is awesome and all – I love my long walks and productivity and making an effort to see friends I don't usually get to see – butttttttttttttttttt, I'm... 

Waiting :: for softball season to end and for all my favorite girlies to do nothing but hang out with me 24/7. 

Needing :: a caffeine fix. I've been an idiot in that I'm trying to cut back on Starbucks recently, and I plead insanity and all, but pleeeeeease someone just end my misery and gimme gimme some espresso, expresso. Teehee.

Wearing :: Leggings more often than not. At least I change out of my pajama shorts, because don't think I haven't thought about what you're thinking I might have thought about. I have.

Feeling :: that senior year, second term stress. Let's not talk about it.

Wishing :: to be in Europe. I hate to beat this to the ground, but I can't believe a year ago, I was half a world away. My roommate and I are in the midst of planning a summer getaway to Europe, and I'm half-wishing time away so we can just be there already, and half-wishing time to stop so I never have to leave this sunny little home of mine.
PS. Helene and I teamed up to write The Best Blogging Tips... Ever (or are they? ... wink wink!) – go have a little read, and then try your hand at winning $25 to Target!

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