What's Inside My Bag: Real Life Edition

If you're any bit of a snoop as I am, you live for "What's Inside My Bag" posts. Sometimes, they can be a bit predictable - day planner, Kate Spade wallet, sunglasses, iPhone, likely a pumpkin in this season too. But there's just something so sacred about what a girl keeps in her handbag - what things are important enough for her to take with her everywhere she goes?

Trash, apparently, for me.

And it looks like, a hand sanitizer pen (which I received free with my dinner the other day)? Say what you will, but this gal is remaining footloose and Ebola-free.

I do have a few questions I have for myself: 

1) Is there a reason there are socks in your purse the socks are not matching?
2) Do you maybe want to explain why there's $71.80 worth of American dollars in that bag of yours (made up of 135 Chinese yuan, 30 Euros, and 2.10 British pounds), and yet only one cent of actual usable American currency? 
3) Of all things, do you want to lose a) your passport, and b) your room key?
4) Would you like to ask for a garbage can for Christmas?
5) How is it that you can never find a pen while in class when there are count it! 7! in here!
6) Are you planning on getting hurt each time you leave the front door? Why all the Band-Aids? (PS. The only time in recent memory I've needed them was when I speed-walked to the gym and then got blisters because I never go running ever)
7) Is the granola bar expired? If not, would you like to remember to eat it for tomorrow's breakfast?
8) Why did you think laying all this out on a bedsheet was a good idea?


Full Disclosure: half this crap went into the trash after this post was written. A disgusting bag, no more.

A $250 Kate Spade Saturday Giveaway For You Because I'm Dying A Slow Death Over Here

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I know, I know.

Another giveaway. 

But here's the thing. Think of me as your emotionally unavailable blog parent, as if that's not weird at all. This is one of those weeks I know I'll be lucky to survive relatively unscathed. Three midterms. One paper. A guest from out of town. Cat-sitting. (Those last two are actually fun, I'm just trying to make myself seem busier so this is more dramatic.) Information sessions. Due dates. Running research experiments. Midterm reviews. Meetings. All my TV episodes.

So. You know. The busiest person alive. Totally sarcastic, but in that pained "half truth also" kind of way. And now here I am, throwing giveaway after giveaway at you. My love language is quality time and gifts, so because I'm failing on the former, I'm overcompensating with the latter.

I hope you win, my friends. And I hope you find some cool blogger gals up there to hang out with, as I'm sure you will!

Let's Talk About The Boys In My Life // $750 Ultimate Halloween Cash Giveaway

Guess. WHAT.

I ordered my chai latte extra hot today. Extra hot! Do you know what that means? It means we might finally be over the 95 degrees and sunny every single day hill. Or under it, if you will. I am one happy camper right now - the winds are crazy crazy outside, it's more than a little bit cool, and this very well might be heaven.

You came to hear all about the weather, so there you go.

Just kidding.


I have two new men in my life. But before you go and think that I'm of the polyamorous type, know that these two gentlemen give me the fuzzies more than any human male could right now. Literally. 

My sister adopted two kitty cats earlier this year, and while I've been obsessed with them ever since, I wasn't allowed to tell you guys about them quite yet (our mom's a bit neurotic about pets). But now the secret's out and I can say that I'm officially one step closer to being a certifiable cat lady.

Dreams do come true.
I don't get Roger. He's active and always wanting to play. Usually, I tell him to go take a nap. He proceeds to ignore me so then I go and take the nap. (He does always end up cuddling with me though, the ol' softie.)

Jerry, on the other hand, is my spirit animal. He picks a sunny spot in the house and camps out in that spot until he thinks it's food or treat time and then he whines until the food's directly in front of his face.

SOML, dude.
Paws up, we're out.

OH WAIT. I have something special for you guys, pending confirmation on your side of a promise to hand me some of the cash so that I can go buy my kittyphews' love with new toys and treats.

(Also, I know this corner of blogland has been a bit heavy with the giveaways recently. It'll stop soon, I promise, I think I'm projecting my need-to-save-up-for-Europe feelings onto the rest of you.)

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