Everyone's favorite blog meme for when they simply have nothing else to say.

Watching :: Gilmore Girls. And I won't be stopping until I'm spouting Lorelai Gilmore-isms every hour, on the hour. My roommate and I have also been slowly working our way through Buffy. Golden age of television, that was.

Eating :: Anything and everything the parents put in front of my face.

Shopping :: For gifts, technically. Except I've had more than one 'whoops' moment where some 'for me' items have accidentally fallen into the cart. Gravity. Can't help it. Even when online shopping.

Planning :: Various post grad thingamajigs. You know, a job. And also, let's not forget about the summer Mediterranean adventure I'm planning with the roommate!

Playing :: This real, real easy game with my friends over break. It's sort of an "overachieving at underachieving" type deal. Examples: "I haven't left my bed yet" (at 1pm), "I haven't been outside in like four days," "where do we think my bra might be?" etc. etc. 

Reading :: Cider with Rosie's archives, and it's making me miss England like mad. On a more serious note, some words about the Ferguson decision. This thought-provoking post (as well as its comments!) on Arkansassy sheds a lot of light. (PS. Tyler is my go-to read whenever there's a high profile, controversial story out there. She's thoughtful and brilliant, and provides excellent context and perspective each time. She's blog land's Elle Woods!)

Enjoying :: Sleeping in until noon, like, every day. I ain't even sorry about it.

Waiting :: For the sissy to come home tomorrow! I haven't seen her since her birthday / engagement, so ... commence the wedding planning?

Needing :: Notices of graduation pictures to stop showing up in my inbox. Too soon, toooooo soon.

Wearing :: My softest sweats this whole week. I'll even make it real fancy and put on my stretchiest leggings on Thursday. Again, I ain't even sorry about it.

Feeling :: Half anxious about the upcoming couple of weeks, half inspired, half lethargic, and half like I missed my calling as a mathematician. One hundred percent thankful.

Wishing :: All of my fellow Americans a peaceful, restful Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday. Don't report back until you have a belly full of mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, ya hear?

Wild Goose Chase in San Francisco. Mindy Kaling Is The Goose.

I'm going to go right on ahead and skip over the whole "Mindy Kaling should be my best friend" thing, because if you are a living and breathing female, that's basically a universally accepted fact and needs no reiteration.

(Seriously though, Mindy Kaling needs to be my best friend.)

On Tuesday, Mindy was Instagramming up a storm of iconic San Francisco sites. Apparently The Mindy Project will be based in the Bay Area for a couple of episodes in January, and because I'm stupid dumb and moronic, it didn't occur to me until SEVEN PM that maybe I should go find her/Chris Messina in the city. 

Cassandra and I were convinced that their last stop would be Ghirardelli Square, so we camped out with a brownie sundae and cappuccino, in the hopes of seeing the camera crew walk through the doors and right to our table. Alas, as we kept on updating our Twitter and Instagram feeds, it seemed like filming was being wrapped by the Bay Bridge.

Off we went, craning our necks out the car window along the Embarcadero, hoping to spy shining lights and Mindy's luscious brown locks. We parked several times and walked behind buildings, not daring to miss a pier. We held up Cassandra's phone to gauge the Bay Bridge's distance on its camera versus in the posted pictures. We speed-walked, comparing light poles and wooden floors, trying to find the exact spot Mindy had stood.

Well. We found it. A little too late (it hurts, it hurts to think that if we left an hour earlier or parked a little closer, I had the tiniest chance of meeting my almost best friend). But it wasn't a complete loss, because, well. Let's just say TV shows have location scouts for a reason. It was the most stunning view - the pier was right in the open water, the Bay Bridge glittering on one side, the Ferry Market Building tower lit up in orange, the Transamerica pyramid a sparkly halo. Honestly such a gem. Thank you, Minds.

Afterwards, we hurried off to a SoMo concert to catch the crooner, well, crooning and flexing and teasing us all with a muscle tank. Too much public decency, bro, gimme So' Mo' of what we really want!

Happy Friday!

Virtual Coffee Talk, 0.9

Think I can maybe find one of these on Etsy for my bedroom?

// New drinking game in town, y'all. It's called "Pass the Nyquil" and it does the trick quite nicely. The good news is that I'm about 5% from complete recovery; the bad news is that I'm expecting about a three week turnaround before the sickness circles through the rest of the dorm and right back to me.

// The saddest kind of tragedy: when you're having an amazing hair day, but have nowhere to be. 

// A lightbulb went off in my brain the other day. Maybe the reason why we seem to celebrate the holidays earlier and earlier is because the rest of the world doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving and a lot of countries don't even have Halloween really. And with the Internet and widespread traveling nowadays, perhaps when people around the world are getting excited for end-of-the-year cheer right as the chill moves right on in, it seems more and more prevalent? Just a theory!

// Total college move: toting around a roll of toilet paper because you ain't got the time nor the money for Kleenex. Or even generic brand tissues actually.

// I've been thinking about "the backburner" a lot lately. There's so much on my peripheral to-do list. The non-urgent one. I've needed to send like twelve inquiry e-mails, get working on that sad City Guides tab you see up there, do laundry (always), finish like three different shows, review my credits for graduation (that actually should maybe go on the urgent list), start a couple of leisure reading books, and about twelve million other things. And yet, when I get a block or two of free time, I go straight to the Apple TV remote or for a power nap. What gives?

// Talking about blogging sometimes straight up gives me the good goosebumps. I was having coffee with my boss the other day and she asked about this bloggy blog world, and I did that thing where you start talking faster and faster and fasterandfasterandaaerakl;ds because you get so impassioned. The community, I said! The stories! I'm far from a great blogger by any means, judging by the quality or the quantity of my posts. But even so, blogging's given me opportunities and jobs, a good haul of free stuff, social media followers, cool stories to share. What's really cool though? I've watched kids grow up, businesses start to thrive (anything from a SAHM-run jewelry shop on Etsy to Etsy itself), the entire course of relationships, the learning of lessons, tragedy, joy, and everything in between. How. Cool.

// In the spirit of November and all things thankful, here's a gratitude list -- getting up early to make breakfast with friends. Getting denied access to chocolate chips (this isn't the grateful part, I'm not insane), and having the ingenuity to crush Oreos to throw into the waffle mix instead. Chilly nights and hot chai. Ice-cold sheets, but toasty toasty blankets. Silver linings. Genuinely good people - you know the kind. Traditions like Castle-dilla Monday's. 

Happy Monday, y'all. (But first, coffee an espresso shot or four.)

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