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MAY you stop, Father Time? Pause a little now and then? & I'll stop right there because, well, I'm starting to sound like a Furby who keeps chattering on and on and on even after it's powered off and the batteries are tossed far, far away. Nowwww, let's talk about April, my favorite month of all thanks to the fact that birthday calories never count, don't you dare tell me otherwise.

In April, I've been ...

Watching :: Movies! I'm usually more of a TV girl, but it's taken a major backseat. I'm in this really cool class where we watch a film every week and then discuss the psychological/developmental themes. So far we've done Brave, Juno, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and Whiplash. Holy incredible films. Plus I watched Interstellar and had my mind completely blown.

Eating :: ... if I tell you that a dozen Krispy Kremes disappeared literally in the span of fifteen minutes between three people - one of whom may or may not have been me - would you promise not to judge? No? K, it didn't happen. I'm on a diet, duh. (Winks.)
Planning :: weekends in May and early June. I totally realized that our free-to-do-anything-anytime days are numbered, and that we really need to be taking advantage of them. Thus ... on the schedule: Napa/Sonoma, beach(es), Los Angeles, Bay to Breakers, Santa Cruz.

Reading :: short stories authored by people in my fiction class. First of all - our instructor wrote a book that Obama included on his Christma list, so - ha, hopefully he never stumbles upon the atrocious writing plastered all over Perpetually Caroline. But these stories that we're workshopping, man... SO good. I'm always so in awe of my classmates here.

Enjoying :: the acceptance that comes with knowing everything's going to turn out okay.

Saying :: "you are so, so brave" to friends far braver than I, and "imma miss the heck outta you" to my sissy because she's leaving me for Seattle. 
Needing :: to make some bank. Everything comes with a humongous price tag at the moment. I won't tell how much money I spent on senior formal, but it ain't pretty. I also need some Bill Gates level cash to fix my camera lens, buy a Europe wardrobe, book AirBnBs/trains/planes/hotels/random tickets for the summer, and I mean there's that whole little thing with paying rent and all in three months and counting.

Learning :: Serbo-Croatian. When was the last time you learned a completely new language? I dabbled in Spanish in high school, but here's the vocabulary I've retained: hola, enchilada, taco, queso, burrito, mas enchiladas, gracias. Fluent.

Feeling :: like I'm coming to terms with graduation. I'm still unbelievably sad about having to leave, but I'm also starting to feel just a little ready. Does anyone want to teach me how to drive or turn on a stove, please? #NotSelfSufficient

BONUS - Thanking :: all of my beloveds for doing such a great job of celebrating my birthday all throughout April. Y'all are the real MVPs. 

To May and beyond! What's on your plate, friends?

Senior Formal in Six Word Stories

Have you guys heard of six word stories? Here's a pretty great collection of them for you to skim – and you should! Some of them are seriously powerful. A couple weeks ago, we tried to write some six word stories in my fiction class, and just this weekend, a few friends and I played around with them some more. A very addicting exercise, y'know?

Senior Formal was last Friday at the San Francisco Exploratorium, and while I have sooooo many things I'd like to say about it (and I have ... in my journal... "thank goodness," you say), I thought I'd make a poor attempt at summing up the grand event in short form here. ("You're welcome," I say.)

Ready? *clears throat* 

Whiteboard's bought and ready to blog.

What are the sunglasses doing there?

That was my warm up, okay? Okay. For real now.
Should we go? Shouldn't we go?

Can I borrow a dress please?

A party bus is HOW much?!

Splurged on blowout. Now addicted, oops.

Be ready in an hour!? HELP.

My feet hurt. They really hurt.
Looked to right. Saw Hollywood sign.

IDK how to contour, someone help.

My feet REALLY really hurt alot.

New friends, old friends, best friends.

Challenge: take enough pictures. Challenge failed.
Tacky Louis Vuitton adorned party bus.

Slippery floors, loud music, fast highway.

Crank up Beyonce! CRAZY IN LOVEEEEE.

Stopped at Denny's to pee. Yikes.

Got there in a flash. Party!

Beautiful friends, cherished memories, open bars!

Not found: buffet table. Total disappointment.

Forgot to play with exhibits. Fail.
Danced and laughed and was merry.


Never left photo booth line ever.

"I haven't seen you in forever."

Take a picture with me please!
Had to leave too, too soon.

Couldn't find bus. Ran in rain.

Pouring rain, it made me happy.

Too tired to dance on bus.

Can I take my shoes off?

My feet hurt. Seriously they do.

Will you make me taquitos please?
Let's run home in the rain!

Calzone. Pizza. Mozzarella. Water. Water. Water.

Is it bedtime yet? Is it?

Heart my bed most of all.

Spent all weekend recovering from formal.

It's come full circle, hasn't it?

Coffee Chat: Blue Bottle, Bonfires, and Being Busy

Isn't this the most blogger-friendly scene you've ever come across? It's the new Blue Bottle location in downtown Palo Alto, and I'm so obsessed. If you think this outside area is darling, you'll go absolutely ga-ga over the whole concept – Blue Bottle Palo Alto actually serves as a part of Hanahaus, which to my understanding is a startup-esque rentable workspace for entrepreneurs. Think Google offices, but for people who work for themselves or small businesses. Genius, right?

I thought it'd be the perfect location for a catch-up over coffee for us. It's certainly been awhile. Yesterday, my roommate and I set our alarms for a quick afternoon nap ... and woke up three hours later. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, I have zero time for anything but classes, homework, club activities, and work. So on Thursdays, I crash. 

Needless to say, things have been busy. I constantly seem to be one step behind my schedule. My Bloglovin' reader is backlogged for days (probably the most devastating thing, in all honesty). But I'm not complaining because it feels like the good kind of hectic.
My house had a bonfire tonight over by the lake. Bonfires... well, bonfires simply are nostalgia and reflection, aren't they? It's hard not to get a little sentimental whilst your hair and clothes absorb that smoky smell, the chocolate and marshmallows melt tantalizingly betwixt graham crackers, and indie songs croon away in the background. You're overwhelmingly in the present, but just on the verge of the past and the future at once.

My friends and I made the last minute choice to attend Senior Formal tonight. The past couple of days have been a frenzy of visiting friends across campus to borrow dresses, making appointments for blowouts, picking shoes that pinch our toes the least, and deciding which party bus to board. It'll be at the Exploratorium, which you MUST visit if you're ever in SF. The coolest place of all time. I'll report back on Monday, I'm sure.

In other "things are sort of wrapping up" news, I'm speaking at an overseas studies panel today to an audience of new admits and their parents. Four years ago, I sat in the auditorium listening to students speaking at the very same panel. In fact, I vaguely remember the faculty advisor (who I work closely with now) making the exact same joke that he likes to make at every event. Oh how full circle it feels. Wish me luck in all things public speaking and charm, please! 

I'm off to have a few moments of calm before the crazy starts back up again, but I hope your Friday is just as fun and full as mine will be this week! Or you know, maybe you're due up for nothing but Netflix and to that, I say SOS TAKE ME WITH YOU.

I'm curious... what have you been up to these days?

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