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Laugh With Me
Laugh With Me

Life Lately

So did everyone survive the end of the world?
Everyone still here?
My first thought this morning when I woke up to find that no,
the world wasn't hit by a huge asteroid at 5:00am,
was "man, this means pants are still necessary!"

I've never liked pants.

But other than that, I'm happy as a clam that we still get some time on this planet,
especially as I was browsing through my Instagram feed
- how is everyone feeling about the new privacy policy? I kind of just shrugged and thought,
I don't post anything on it that I don't want the whole wide world to know about anyway, so..., but to each their own -
I realized... I love my life! It's been great! Such a fun ride!

So here's a peek at what I've been up to, as told through my iPhone:

01. Rainy days need some bright outfits, fun umbrellas, and a holiday cup of joe!
02. In-N-Out animal style fries & animal style double-double. yes, baby!
03. snap! click! lots and lots of fun photographing with Mollie.
04. my motivation to study: the reminder that I get BFF time with Brina once I get home.
05. lots of Gap style inspiration - colors, textures, patterns.
06. these babies were only $15 at Kohl's - LC Lauren Conrad platforms, so cute!
07. a soothing cup of tiger spice chai + a floral tunic & a brown leather jacket!
08. the shopping (and life?) philosophy I swear by.
09. unintentionally matched with the suitemates - denim tops & colored jeans. and rainboots.

01. 'tis the season! decorating the tree w/ my fambam!
02. cheesecake factory with my suitemate ty - this girl is fabulous.
03. the golden hour & some pretty flowers on my walk home after class.
04. i woke up from a nap & this girl was just casually watching a movie on netflix and doing her nails. my door was closed. no boundaries between us :)
05. day & night at Stanford. 
06. randomly saw Lauren at Starbucks - she watched Glee. I blogged. Our relationship.
07. Sushi & iced black tea apple juice date with the roomie!
08. my text conversations with Brina are never boring. Never.
09. Words of encouragement from my roommate before my day of double finals + a shift at work + needing to meet up with an old friend for coffee + laundry and packing. it was rough, but i conquered!



  1. Um, looks like you've been having an amazing time! Loving your boots!

  2. Cute instagram dump! I love all the bright colors (and the food...mmm). Also, congrats on getting out of finals alive...though it stinks to put pants on. I hear you.
    (just an fyi on the privacy policy - it also apparently allows them to use your photos in ads and so forth without your permission or giving you any credit. apparently they're changing it though?)

  3. ahhhhhhhhhhh i love this post! especially that first photo of you in the pink trench SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKIN' CUTE!

    omgosh those LC platforms were an amazing find.. i actually super adore LC's Kohl's line :p

  4. Amazing photos! I LOVE sushi and those Christmas lights are so pretty!


  5. So many fun photos! I'm sorry you still have to wear pants haha. I'm struggling too with the thought of instagram having rights over our photos... but I heard they stopped the idea of it after so many people deleted their accounts in aggression. And i love that quote, "Grab it now or tomorrow it might be gone forever".

  6. Your roommate seems like such a sweet person! The world didn't end and I am happy to =)


  7. haha - those messages cracked me up.
    Great pics.
    I just came by your blog via another I follow... I'm hoping you might like to follow each other?
    I'm your newest followe - looking forward to checking back soon.
    Maria x

  8. Looks like you've been having a lot of fun lately :) Pretty photos!

  9. Your pictures are so fun I am your new follower on instagram!!

  10. super cute photos! have a lovely christmas!

    Glass of Fashion

  11. Great post !

    Love your pictures so much girl :)

    I want to invite you to join my Christmas giveaway to win a Frenchonista clutch worth $150 !!




  12. looks like a lot of fun times! I hope you have a great relaxing holiday!

    Lady à la Mode

  13. great fun pictures girl!! yah survived it well u wanna follow thru twitter & instagram? lmee know ÖD

  14. lovely photos! looks like so much fun!

  15. I love your style and I think that your blog is so nice!!! ... :) Wanna follow each other on blogs and wanna stay in touch through google and facebook? Let me know :)
    I'm waiting you on my blog... ;)

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  16. Beautiful pictures :) Your life always looks like so much fun!

  17. I was pretty pumped when I woke up too!



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