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Here & Now | February 2, 2018

I ran off the train home to snap this photo; loving that we're finally getting some light after work now!

It's February! In case you didn't know!

Typically, I'm the one proclaiming time flies; but this go around, I felt that February 1st took its fine time to welcome us all. Last weekend was the first one in awhile that I went into without concrete plans, aaaand of course - I spent it sleeping in, eating way too much, and spending a little too much dinero at Aritzia. When will I learn to just not go in when I see the word SALE in big red letters? I'm a marketer's dream come true.

Eats & Drinks

I shared my experience dining alone at the grand opening of Ippudo, but also just want to reiterate: those pork buns gave me new life. That's all.
Ippudo's Akamaru Modern ramen - so blissfully slurpable

See & Do

We found ourselves down in Palo Alto for a very special brunch: getting to see our friend Kylie's sparkly new accessory for the very first time! In school, Kylie was two grades below us and we've always regarded her as a pseudo younger sibling. Our senior year of college, we spent more nights than not gossiping over at "the sophomores' suite" with cheap wine, so needless to say, it feels surreal that she's going to be MARRIED before the end of the year.

MASSIVE portions to celebrate an engagement!

Read & Watch & Listen

Slow work week advantages: seeing a movie on a Monday night! We went to Molly's Game, which I thought was good but not great (going into it, I had high expectations because well... Aaron Sorkin, and also that stellar cast). To be honest, I thought that there were a few too many storylines, which resulted in an ending that felt forced and rushed. I just read this VICE interview with the real Molly Bloom, and there were several points in it that the movie glossed over, but IMHO would've made for a stronger story if further explored in place of plot-points that were more central to the movie.

Two other fun / interesting posts and articles I read this week:

This cool Harry Potter hole-in-the-wall spot in London. I'll confess to popping over to Google Flights immediately after reading!

A writer's foray into making Peking duck, with plenty of observations and asides on the rise of regional Chinese cuisine. I grew up eating a lot of the foods mentioned in the article, and am now curious to learn more about their backstories.
flying next to the moon on an early flight to Seattle

Weekend Forecast

I'm in Seattle this weekend, logging in quality time with my whole family but mostly with my adorable little five-month-old nephew. He's growing up SO fast and has so much personality right now, I'm head-over-heels. 

Catch you on the flip side!

How's your weekend going? Are there any movies that you'd recommend?

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