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Pet Peeves That Need to GTFO

Do you see this mouthwateringly delicious Korean BBQ spread in front of you? I didn't. Not for an hour after our reservation had come and gone. A backstory: my dad took my sister, my soon-to-be-BIL, and Princess Me to this highly rated Korean BBQ restaurant in San Francisco as a see-ya-later dinner to the newly minted Seattleites. Our reservation was at 7:30pm. We weren't seated until 8:15pm.

I don't blame the restaurant. Not one bit. In fact, I think they were downright extra friendly and served the best Korean BBQ I've had in quite some time. (Han Li Kwan for you SF-ers!)

You know who I do blame?

The middle-aged couple sitting at a back table who had finished their meal ages ago, were taking their fine and dandy time slooooooooowly sipping every last drop of the eighty six different beverages they had ordered. And then right as the gentleman reached for his hat and jacket, we thought with a hangry sigh of relief, sustenance is coming! But oh wait no, he sat back in his seat for another twenty minutes caressing his girlfriend's hand, blatantly ignoring the crowd of people waiting for his table. If looks could kill, mine would've sent him straight to Hades.
THEN, there was another table – this one packed with a small group of college students who passed the bill around and around and around and around in no less than eighty ways, trying to figure out who's paying for what line item and hey how much is tip and no wait I still owe you three dollars, so here let me add that to my total and – people this is why Venmo was invented. Go figure it out later.

Excuse my wrath. I don't like it when I'm kept away from my chap chae and bibimbap.

So there you have it. Pet peeve #1: inconsiderate people. This category also includes (but is not limited to): those who don't clean up their shower hair – sideeye communal dorm showers – those who are rude, those who wait in a really long Starbucks line and then don't know what they want and end up having a fifteen minute discussion with the barista. No. Get out. 
I know I don't sound like it here, but I'm actually the most mellow person you'll ever meet. It takes a lot to irk me. Other than alllllll the other transgressions that fall under the inconsiderate umbrella, the only other things that truly make me irate are as follows:

  • pigeons. 
  • balloons.
  • pantylines.
  • the colloquial phrase, "you don't understand."
  • & that's it.

TGIF, amirite??!
What's on your GTFO list?


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