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Laugh With Me

All Good Things Begin With The Letter "T"

...okay, maybe not all things.
But two defining (this term is used loosely... or not) moments in my life happened within the past week,
and now I'm strongly convinced that the universe has deemed "T" the magical letter for me.

The first "T" moment in which I had a close-to-a-spiritual-epiphany-moment/thing:
Tim Tams.
Or more specifically, Tim Tam Slams.

It's simple, really.

All you do is...

Grab some Tim Tam's.

Bite off each end.

Put one end in a smokin' hot beverage
and use it as a straw basically.
And then you shove it all in your mouth.

And then you will probably cry a little as the cookie becomes crumbly and a little mushy and the caramel melts and dissolves on your tongue and the chocolate gets melty all over your finger and the combination of flavors seriously renders you speechless because you realize the astounding fact that your life has just been changed.

Then, repeat.
Because you can't just Tim Tam Slam once.
(Or twice. Or three times. Who me? What?)
It's impossible. I dare you.
You are very welcome for those ten extra pounds you will surely gain from this newfound knowledge. Just tell people you're extra-cuddle-worthy now.


The second "T" moment - in which I figured out who I want to grow up to be:

photo credit: my lovely roommate, Cassandra.

Meeting Tory Burch!
She's not just my favorite designer - she is also a role model for the girl-who-doesn't-really-know-what-she's-doing-right-now-but-would-really-love-to-be-a-facilitator-of-positive-change/an-aspiring-young-professional-who-wants-to-make-it-big-someday like me.

So when I heard she was coming to Stanford for a talk on power and entrepreneurship,
I freaked out a little and then calmed down enough to plan my outfit.

Lauren and I showed up an hour in advance,
and trust me, as we were waiting outside by the picnic tables
for an opportune time (aka not the very first people there) to go in,
I had a mini spaz attack every time I saw a thin, blond-haired woman walk by.
It wasn't healthy. So Lauren finally let me book it to the auditorium forty minutes before the talk started, and we were able to snag prime seats in the second row (first row was reserved or we'd have been there stat) smack dab in the middle. As in, our faces were separated by ten feet of thin air, you guys.

Honestly, Tory is such a special person (yes, we're indeed BFFs already, so I know all about this).
But in all seriousness, she is driven and motivated and lovely and so gracious.
She was also impeccably dressed - THOSE. SHOES.

The end-all-be-all:

Cassandra, Tory Burch, Moi, Karen, Lauren.

Yes, it happened.
We stayed after, and nervously waited amongst a group of Louboutin-clad pretty young things to meet her.
By "meet her," I kind of mean we all cornered her and she was nice enough to take a picture with us,
and then she started a conversation with us.
She asked about our majors.
Who is this woman and why is she so amazing?
And then as we were walking away, the intelligent comment about social entrepreneurship I had so painstakingly crafted in my mind kind of blew itself up into smithereens, and I very awkwardly said to her:

"You should try Coupa. It's really good.
Yeah, the chai. It's great."

Dear Lord, please help me.

But get this:
I found out through Facebook later,
she did go to Coupa.
Tory Burch took my advice.
I'm done.

I very sincerely apologize for this rambling, all-over-the-place insanity of a post.
These things just made me really happy & I couldn't not share.
Much love.


  1. Love this! You look so good in yellow :)

  2. I say it all of the time, but you have a fun life. How awesome that you got to meet Tory Burch! And I've never had Tim Tams before... but it's now officially on my bucket list :)

  3. That's amazing, lucky girl! Tory Burch is a Theta like me so maybe someday I'll meet her.

    x's & o's

  4. You are adorable. I love the story and how great that you got to not only meet Tory Burch but have a conversation with her (that went really well!)

  5. Caroline!!!!!! I can't believe you met her!!! I love how you cornered her for a pic :-) I would have totally done the same thing. And I also love the spaz attack you had every time a think, blonde lady walked by. hahahaha!!!!!

    Tim Tams. never heard of them...but I guess now I'll have to try them!

  6. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Following you now on GFC, hope you can follow back =)

  7. how neat! i love TB stuff hehehe :) that must have been an amazing conference to be at.

    omgosh i freakin' LOVEEEE TIM TAMS! i've never heard of this tim tam slam but now i really want to try it!!! where did you get your tim tams from? they don't sell them in the US right?

  8. how adorable that u met Tory Burch!! she seems really sweet and so very talented! awsum! hehe its natural to be excited hun so no worries..thanks for your sweet words as always!
    New post abt the Dior collection is up! :D
    CHICNOVA JEWELRY GIVEAWAY - 3 lucky winners to be chosen on my blog.

  9. hahah I enjoyed your post today girl :) :)



  10. You guys are hilarious with your Tim Tams. I just had one for the first time this year~

  11. haha this post was ADORABLE. how did you come up with this tim tam slams?! that sounds SO good, i'm so doing that!

  12. Beautiful post!!!

  13. That is so exciting about seeing Tory Burch! She's amazing! :)

  14. Cute post :)

  15. what a lovely post! I always adore that you bring us so much positive energy through your posts!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  16. OMG! that's amazing you got to meet her! I'm so excited for you!!!

    Lady à la Mode

  17. This is such a cute post. Ah. Im so jealous you met her! That is so awesome!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  18. Perfect post! Definitely agree with the title ;)
    xo TJ

  19. Great post!! i laughed with the tim tam and title connection :)

  20. lol...such an enjoyable post to read :)... congratulations on ur two "T's".
    :) great post

  21. Ummm jealous, party of one! Tory is amazing.

  22. hi cutie pie~ You should totally visit Korea! Wait until it gets a tad bit warmer though! So cold here!


  23. omg these remind me of my trip to australia!! i gotta try this.


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