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When The Emotionally Stunted Gets Sentimental

In high school, I could cry at the snap of a finger – popping in a semi-dramatic rom-com became some kind of catharsis whenever I needed a good sob. My roommate, Cassandra, is like that. We're in this film class together and without fail, at the end of every single movie we've watched, I hear sniffles right before the credits begin to roll. She'll tear up when she's feeling especially joyous, or sad, or overwhelmed, or anxious, or if she sees a puppy commercial on TV.

I used to be like that too. But between then and now, a switch was flipped inside me, and somehow, my tear ducts have gotten disconnected from my emotional center. I blame it on a) overcompensating for my roommate's lack of non-emotion, and b) constantly watching and re-watching The Notebook back at home. That's gotta be some kind of tear duct strength training, ya know what I mean?

But last week, I bawled like a baby. The culprit? 


The season finale of New Girl. I know. (Okay, but did you watch? And do you understand?!)

And then Cassandra made me listen to Rivers and Roads, which gave me ALL the feels.
I was crying so hard that I had to delay our Chipotle run for like twenty minutes, that's how dedicated I was to this... this emotion thing.

It felt really good – releasing all this pent up, emotional buildup. I've missed it. And although I may or may not have reverted back to being 100% emotionally stunted since that particular episode last week, I have noticed that I've been overly sentimental these past few days.

Going on a random boba run on a Thursday afternoon? 

*WAILS* You guys we don't have the freedom to doooooo this next year!!

Seeing friends' graduation posts all over social media?

How did this happen, it wasn't supposed to happen this quickly!
Having fun at our house's last "special dinner" (an all out feast with the best food and drinks and people and music and it's THEMED, hurrah!)?

Forget it, I didn't know I could ever be this deliriously happy listening to Anaconda. It's ART, you know?!

Completing our last hash yesterday morning? Pause. You have to understand how much it sucks to hash. Essentially, every person in our house has to clean the kitchen twice a quarter - you spend a couple of weekend hours wiping and washing and mopping and sweeping and generally Cinderella-ing after the previous night's hurricane known as College Kids Pregaming. Not the most fun thing you could spend Sunday morning doing.

But, nevertheless, I was all this is kinda sad, don't you think? In a few months' time, I'll only have myself to clean up after, that's so depressing!
To make matters worse, I somehow decided that this weekend was as good as any to finally watch Fast & Furious 7, and my oh my when Vin Diesel's voiceover about Paul Walker's character harmonized with that "See You Again" song...

I was a goner. Bye Caroline. Bye bye.
The moral of this really long and drawn out and not-so-interesting story is that as graduation nears, I'm continuing to vacillate between YAY GET ME TO EUROPE and nooooo you'll never make me leave. For now, I can only count each and every one of my lucky stars that I have so much to get sentimental and emotionally unstunted over.

What about you? Are you a bundle of emotions, or a Do My Tear Ducts Actually Work -er like me?

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  1. I used to never be a crier. Never. Now though? All the freaking time. I kinda love and hate it.

    Don't even get me started on furious 7 I tear up every single time I hear that song now. So so so sad.


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