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Laugh With Me

Laugh With Me
Laugh With Me

The Rest/30: Dump.

Am I lumping four five whole posts in one?
You bet I am.
I lost momentum in the last ten days or so,
and this Blogging Challenge kind of took the hit.

Posting every day took away from visiting other blogs
and commenting/reaching out to other bloggers on a regular basis. 
I didn't like that very much.

It was fun while it lasted, 
so let's finish this thing off strong, alright?


Day 26 of the Blogging Challenge:
Talk about some of the times you got in trouble as a child or teenager.

{Irrelevant, but... #OnceATrickster #AlwaysATrickster}

Honestly, I don't think I was too big of a troublemaker,
(I can already hear my parents crying tears of mirth right now...)
and can't think of any stand-out stories to tell.
Most of the times I got in trouble was in middle school,
when I would come home with a B,
 or didn't practice piano for two days straight.
(Asian parents, holla!)
Oh, ahem, I got a C+ in Algebra in 8th grade,
and the world ended a little bit.

The only other circumstance that comes to mind right now,
is when I was five years old and stole the last popsicle,
the one that I was supposed to give to my grandpa.
He didn't mind very much, but other people still yelled at me.

I'm a popsicle thief, what can I say.

I also bit my sister's arm when I was a baby in my swinging chair thing,
and she was taking a nap.
She still has the teethmarks to prove it.

DISCLAIMER: I'm almost positive my parents could
write a novel with all of the stories they have of the
trouble I've gotten myself into. But I would rather 
not have them reminding me of the things I've spent
a decade trying to forget.


Day 27 of the Blogging Challenge:
What is the nicest thing anybody has ever done for you?

I've been very blessed and have been surrounded
by supportive and encouraging people all my life,
so I can't really narrow down the "nicest" thing anyone has
ever done for me. I mean, that prize might have to go to my
parents for housing me and feeding me and raising me,
and my sister for sharing those parents with me,
especially because I'm the biggest brat I know.

Fun little surprises and heartfelt moments - those are nice, too.
 All of the little surprises on my birthday every year from my friends,
 or, when my grandfather passed away last year 
and I had just said goodbye to him on the phone - 
my dearest guy friends each hugged me tight and left my room, 
but then went and found all of my closest girlfriends 
to come in and sit with me while I cried - 
or when my roommate surprised me with Starbucks after a tough final,
 or even when an elderly gentleman stopped me in the mall the other day,
 to tell me that I am a "very beautiful young woman,"
 the likes of which "didn't exist in his day."

These are the moments that tug at my heartstrings.


Day 28 of the Blogging Challenge:
Where do you feel most at home? And, describe your dream home.

I feel most at home - wait for it -
at home
In my bed, reading my favorite blogs,
watching March Madness with my Daddy,
and listening to my mom yell at me every other minute,
and then feeding me my favorite foods the very next.
Second place goes to my bed at Stanford
(do you see a pattern here, I ask you?) -
it's my very favorite place ever,
and I would not leave... if I didn't have to eat.

Dream Home:
Big windows and lots of light,
subway tiles everywhere,
lots of neutrals with pops of gold and pink and brass,
a palace of a bathroom (or four),
a big fluffy bed,
a luxurious infinity pool,
dark wood floors,
and of course an insane closet.
Oh wait, I'm sorry. I just described Pinterest to you.

{images collected over the years; let me know if you know a source!}


Day 29 of the Blogging Challenge:
Describe your best friend.

I have lots of them,
I've already established that.

But this is my big sister Sarah,
and I would do anything in the world for her.
There are no words in this language
to describe how much I love her.

(And I'm sorry I bit you when I was a baby.)

(I swear I'm not trying to do it again in this picture.)


Day 30 of the Blogging Challenge:
Another picture of you, 3 things you like about yourself, & 3 things to improve on.

3 Things To Work On:
01. The ability to resist temptation. (I've got none of that in me.)
02. Time management.
03. Putting myself on a budget.

3 Things I Like About Myself:
01. My ability to stay optimistic in 95% of situations.
02. How I make the conscious effort to be thankful (most of the time).
03. I hold those who I love very close to my heart & will do absolutely anything for them.

We started out with a picture from my photo-shoot with Mollie,
so I thought it'd be fitting to end with one as well.

I'm particularly loving this one because I feel it's incredibly "true personality" of me -
very, very imperfect, but also extremely happy!


And, that's a wrap for the Blogging Challenge!
Regular programming will be back on April 1!
(April Fools?)


  1. awww love you too my beautiful, talented, kind and overall sparklingly spectacular baby sis! xx sarah

  2. aw, this is such a sweet post! my sisters are my best friends too :)

  3. oh love this post my dear ! I see we were kinda the same "disturbed kids" ahah... O was so quiet people around thought I was mentally sick. ^^ (which I really didn't understand)

  4. I completely understand! posting everyday is almost impossible. love this post, dear! xo

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