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March Favorite Things

'Twas an extremely busy and stressful month,
but it was capped off with a whole week of doing
absolutely nothing. Oh wait, that's not quite accurate...
I was busy catching up on Once Upon A Time episodes.
Speaking of - all of Emma's potential love interests -
Captain Hook, Neal, August, Jefferson...
be still, my conflicted heart!

Here are some of my other favorite things from the month of March:


I bought this on a whim,
and am now profusely thanking my spontaneous tendencies.
You can literally use this for ANYTHING -
I use it to condition my hair, moisturize my elbows, face, and body,
and I'm thinking about taking a spoonful everyday in my coffee or eggs.
It makes my skin baby's-bottom-soft.
Unforeseen use: emergency air freshener when driving by a smelly cow pasture.


I earned Gold Card status back in October,
but apparently my love of Starbucks is unrequited,
because they never sent me my bling.
One strongly-worded letter later, and here she is!
At least she tells me what I want to hear -
I'm putty in her hands already.


For my flights home last weekend,
we arrived early both times by about ~20-25 minutes,
and I got the emergency row aisle seat on both planes -
for the first flight, I was even in the B Boarding Group too!
Probably my two most efficient flights ever -
I was just chilling with my music and my magazines, livin' the life.
I hope I didn't run out of flying luck for my flight back to school!


This show is pure gold.
24karat business right there.
I mean, I already knew Chelsea is hysterical,
but then add her hilarious office cast & this show
literally has me slapping my knees.
New favorite show.


For Winter Quarter's traditional (No) Finals Trip to Los Angeles,
my roommate and I gallivanted around the City of Angels Beautiful People & Expensive Cars,
and made it our goal to try and gain 50 pounds as quickly as possible.
Here, I have Cherry Vanilla + Thin Mint (!!!!!) ice cream from Sprinkles.
Next time, I'm getting the cupcake tops too.
(LA posts to come next week - woohoo, party up in here!)

...and, I'm out.

PS. Linking up over at Dancing With Ashley today!


  1. I use Trader Joe's coconut oil for everything!

  2. I just bought the coconut oil yesterday too. Not sure what to do with it yet, but I'm sure I've pinned something somewhere for it's many uses.

    Have you read Chelsea's book, 'Hello Vodka, It's me Chealsea'? It is my plane reading and I have to stop myself from giggling so loud each time I open it!


  3. What?! I need to start sitting there! Look at all of that space you got on the flight!
    And I definitely need to get a little more Chelsea Lately in my life for sure ;)
    xo TJ

  4. I need to try this Coconut oil. I've been needing something like this.

  5. agh it all looks so good! so happy that you're having a "relaxing" week - among all the ice cream and once upon a time, that is :]]


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