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Laugh With Me
Laugh With Me

01/30: Look At Meeeeeee

Blogging challenges were never for me.
Mostly because I don't like being told what to do/write about.
And then I also feel kind of awkward spending an entire month talking about me, me, me.
Who am I kidding? I love that part.

Example. A typical conversation between my mother and me:
Mom: I juiced this pomelo-orange-lemon-apple concoction for you. Drink it.
Me: No.
Mom: Drink it.
Me: Absolutely not.
Mom: OK, whatever. (*Puts juice in fridge.)
5 minutes later.
Me: I'm going to have some juice.

Don't ask me why I make life harder for myself,
I ask myself the same question every single day.

I digress.
Blogging challenges.
Haley over at Dwell in Possibility posted this and - get this,
I actually really wanted to do this one!
Maybe it's because I get to talk about myself so much,
go figure.

Here we go...

Picture of myself.
I wouldn't say this is my absolute favorite picture in the history of ever,
but my bestie Mollie and I had a photo shoot the other day
for her photography lighting class (yeah, it pays to have a friend in photography school),
and sometimes I look at the pictures and pretend I'm in a Gap ad:

Three facts:

01. Last night, we fit 7 people into a tiny 5-person car to go to Taco Bell.
02. Coffee shops/cafes are my favorite places in the world.
OK, I'm not saying I'd turn down a trip to Maui or the South of France,
but I'm never more in my element than in a Starbucks or any cafe, really.
03. Whenever I'm feeling lost or sad or unstable in any way,
I look up & find Orion in the night sky and feel much more balanced and at peace.

Three goals:

01. Find a summer internship soon-ish.
(Marketing/communications/social media peeps - hit me up!)
02. Live in NYC when I'm young.
03. To look back, on my dying day (morbid, seriously)
and think: I wouldn't have lived it any other way.

Join me!
Leave a link if you're participating :)


  1. lol! that pic is totally a GAP ad ;) and i like looking up at the stars too... it helps me relax.


  2. I don't really like blogging challenges but this one seems really cool! I'm looking forward to seeing all the posts and I'll definitely steal a few for inspiration and so forth. :]]] great idea!

  3. That picture is amazing! I love your goals ;) Have a lovely weekend!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  4. You look really cute... Great post!

  5. definitely live in NYC when you're young, it would be WAY too exhausting beyond your 20s haha

  6. haha you rock !
    I'm exactly like you : I don't want juice until I decide I do LOL (it drives my BF crazy!)
    this challenge is so cool (maybe I want to talk about myself too ^^)
    Anyway... South of France is cool but overrated : come to visit Paris, and we'll have a drink ^^

  7. I would love to live in NYC too- but since I`m not American, I doubt it will happen! So you have to, so I can live vicariously though you please!

  8. What a fun challenge. I think I might do it myself this month. :)

    Found your at Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl blog hop.

  9. i don't have a fave pic of me, so i'm out, hehe. you are too CAYUTEEEE


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