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Laugh With Me
Laugh With Me

The Weekend Forever Known To Me As "Bay Area Sports Weekend"

How about that Super Bowl, folks?
I was actively engaged with this game for a few reasons:
A. Jim Harbaugh used to coach for Stanford.
(A1. Stanford's in the Greater Bay Area.)
B. 49ers wear Gryffindor colors.
C. Beyonce. Need I say more?

And although it was a tough loss,
that comeback is one that's going down in history,
and BEYONCE. OH MY. She took the power out with her,
that's all that's needed to be said.
(There may have been some couch-jumping and tears involved.
Tom Cruise, I will never judge you again.)

As if that wasn't enough Bay Area sports for the weekend,
my sister Sarah, my bestie Lauren, and I went
to support the Golden State Warriors this weekend when they played against the Phoenix Suns.
Correction: I was there to support my men Harrison Barnes and Kendall Marshall,
who both played for the Tarheels and are AMAZING.

Kendall Marshall - purple jersey #12 & Harrison Barnes - wearing the navy shoes.

Yes, there were puppies at the half time show. Yes, they were amazing.

When Kendall and Harrison hugged at the end, I cried. Literally teared up.


You didn't think I wouldn't post about food, did you?

We had dinner at Nopalito,
and I apologize for the blurry photo -
but those carnitas were so delicious!

Mini cupcakes at DeLessio's for dessert!

And after a sleepover
on my sister's couch(es),
for breakfast/brunch, Sarah treated us to...

superb breakfast sandwiches at the nearby Farmer's Market!
Food like this is the reason I wake up,
and if you're doubting me in the least...

(Runny eggs make everything wondrous, don't you agree?)

Before heading home, we stopped at La Boulange for chai.
I think I had the idea that it would make me incredibly productive,
but... I just went to Costco and Target,
and bought myself more chai and a body pillow.
Homebody much?


  1. seems like you had an amazing time:)
    lovely blog by the way!!
    lots and lots of love

  2. yummmm omgosh those nachos look AMAZING!! gourmet mexican food nom nom nom and YES runny egg yolks make everything a gazillion times better!!!

  3. Beyonce was amazing and the foods you posted looks delicious!! haha food is also the reason i wake up :D

  4. Beyonce was amazing but I expected Destiny's Child to do more, Kelly and Michelle ended up being her backup singers, a little disappointing. I still enjoyed it though :) x

  5. All of that food looks AMAZING! And Beyonce? I don't even have words for how amazing she was, honestly.

  6. Mmm food! haha Beyonce was amazing! xo

  7. Sounds like an amazing weekend. The comeback at the Super Bowl was amazing, but super bummed they lost.

  8. Looks like you had a fun weekend!!
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  9. Looks and sounds like a great weekend! & Yes, Beyonce did that the power out with her!


    Erin @

  10. wow love photos! looks fun :)


  11. That show is still in my mind. Amazing!!!!

  12. haha love this post! fun that you go to standford, we live close to you right in the bay! XO cute blog!

  13. Oh my!! That food, I want it all! And basketball games are so much fun! Love this!
    xo TJ

  14. This kind of reminds me of our Vancouver Canucks Hockey game nights haha! After watching a game we all head out for some food! The mini cupcakes look good =)

  15. Yummmmm, all that food looked delicious!



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