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Laugh With Me

Laugh With Me
Laugh With Me

Go, Go, Go

(please, disregard the split ends. really.)

Yesterday was go, go, go,
from the second I dragged myself out of bed at 5:45am.
No, really, I rolled to the side of my bed,
stuck a foot out, and then slowly just let
gravity take its course - it pulled me down little by little,
and I tried to resist, I did, but I'm no real competitor before the sun's up-
and so I sadly admitted defeat.

After I finished up some computer science coding,
I got dressed in not-enough-clothing
(I'm sorry I forget that 6am = cold),
and treated myself to hot cocoa and chocolate cinnamon bread from the 'bucks.

And then I spent the rest of the morning being a (pretend) grown up
at a social media conference that the magazine I work at hosted.
I heard some valuable words of advice and insight
from leaders of the industry, including those from
Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter.

Side note: those in the social media industry
are so young and so well dressed.
It was a walking, breathing J.Crew/Madewell/Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters catalog.
I may or may not have spent the first two hours taking
sneaky pics of heels and purses and turbans and jewel-tone skirts,
and texting them to all my friends w/:
They stopped replying after the eighteenth picture w/ the same message.

That's enough blabbering for the day.

(Go, go, go time ended in the afternoon
when I took the most luxurious three-hour nap,
and then proceeded to watch all of the TV episodes
I had missed this week. The Life. #THELIFE.)


  1. a) I want your life


    b) I would have been doing the same thing (sneaky texters we are)

    -oh, and-

    c) that long nap sounds amazing


    Erin @

  2. ahh love :) hot coco and cinnamon bread omn nom nom! and your bubble necklace is so cute!!! heart it.. omgosh are you comp sci major?? my mom's a programmer.. i took a few classes in high school and college.. and yeah.. i could not hack it hahah so i have a ton of respect for ppl that can hehehe :)!

  3. I know I saw all of those catalogs too... depressing and inspiring all at the same time!

  4. such a lovely post! really enjoyed reading it.. rolled out of bed too ;) xxx

  5. I'm rather J.Crew/Madewell/Anthro/UO obsessed too. I always want soooo much stuff! :)
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. that would be so awesome to hear from speakers from companies like that. i remember one of my favorite seminars was when the founder of charity:water came to speak, so inspirational

  7. Love bubble necklaces! Sometimes it makes the go-go-go'ness of it all a little easier. Enter my V-day giveaway here:

  8. Great!!!

    Kiss of CoutureTrend

  9. Beautiful post dear. I really like your lovely blog.


  10. I love my bubble necklaces! I have one in red and one in teal :)

  11. I want to see those sneaky text pics!! What did you learn at your social media conference?!

  12. That looks so yummy and I love watching basketball games, especially live (get so hyped up)

  13. I have the same necklace! I love it but sometimes it klinks too much on my desk and I end up taking it off halfway through the day!


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