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Outfit Post: Repeat Offender

Today was one of those perfectly happy, all-good, amazing days.
Someone needs to remind me right now that I'm actually still a college student,
because let me tell you the activities that consumed my morning:
I gave myself a manicure (Essie's Chinchilly and Mint Candy Apple, they're a perfect pair.),
caught up on some blogs,
and messed up the aforementioned manicure by greedily grabbing consistent handfuls of
white chocolate raspberry covered almonds {run, don't walk to Target, and stockpile right now}.
Thank you so very much, my only-one-class-and-it-ends-at-10-AM-Tuesday's!
On top of that: my favorite dining hall lunch, an easy work day, RSVPing to a talk by Tory Burch on campus, & a most wonderful dinner w/ some of my best friends from my freshman dorm. Tres lovely.


I digress.
Outfit, okay go.

Jacket: Lululemon //
Top: Hollister //
Necklace: Charlotte Russe //
Jeans: LOFT //
Shoes: J. Crew Factory

A few things about this outfit:

01. I am a repeat offender in wearing this outfit to the nth degree. I wore it out shopping. I wore it on the plane. And I'm planning to wear it again very, very soon. Soon, as in this week.
02. I didn't end up wearing these heels for any of those occasions - don't give me that much credit. I switched them to comfy flats!
03. I will apologize profusely for this strange backdrop. It was seven minutes before I headed out the door and I couldn't find my tripod, so I fashioned one out of a cabinet and a squishy book cover, and I moved twenty million pieces of furniture out of the way for my little photo shoot in front of the closet door. Yes, I do need a hobby. Desperately.


  1. Great Post!

    Great outfit and I love the bight colors !!

    Well done you look very cute :)

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  2. You look fabulous! I really love all the bright colors in this outfit, especially the necklace. It's gorgeous!

  3. haha gotta love repeating outfits. Just might to the same thing today. I love all of the bright accents! Keep wearing it, girl!

  4. loving the brights! you look so pretty!

  5. I wear the same outfit over and over also. No shame in that.

    Ok....Wheennnnn is TB coming to campus? Because I just might need to make a cross country trip for this.

  6. Love the bubble necklace - very cute :)

  7. You're living it up aren't you?:) Good for you! And your outfit is adorable, love all of the colors together!!

  8. you look cute and we love your necklace!


  9. You are the cutest! I love how bright this outfit is!

  10. great look! I love your necklace!

  11. You are too cute, girl! Loving this bright, playful outfit for the season!
    xo TJ

  12. I really like the contrast between the "happy neon color" and the blask suit ;) you look great :)

  13. You look so pretty! Love this neon t-shirt, it's great on your skin tone! Lovely shoes too :)
    Would you like to follow each other? I've just followed you :)


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