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Outfit Post (Kind Of): Stripes and Giggles // La Madeleine

I can't believe I've only been back for one week.
It seems like it's been a month, a year, forever.
Here's what (or who, I guess) I dedicated my life to on my very last day of break in Houston:

First, let's talk about food because... hello, how long have you known me now?
If you're new around these parts - I just love food a lot. The end.

Let's talk about the tradition that my best friend Brina and I have:
we meet at Barnes & Noble,
so that we can stand there and soak up all the knowledge in the books around us.
No, we don't actually read them there. We literally stand there and talk and sometimes get Starbucks.

Let's talk about how we then traverse over to La Madeleine, 
a key defining place in our friendship,
where we eat this wonderfully flaky and creamy chicken friand,
with the intoxicating side of mushroom sauce.

Let's also talk about the fact that Brina had just come from a dentist appointment,
her mouth was numb & she had a lisp & she could only have the tomato basil soup,
and I was really sad that she couldn't take part in the fantastical princess of food up there.

We can also talk about how I always want to try ten million things at La Madeleine,
like the quiches and the eggs Benedict or ooh, the Croque Monsieur,
but because I usually only get one day in this magical land,
I always go with the chicken friand. I play favorites, I don't care.

Let's talk about how sometimes we stray from tradition too,
like how I ordered an extra chocolate-almond croissant,
because I was feeling especially starving,
and I took one bite of this heavenly crispy-on-the-outside, 
dark-chocolate and pillowy goodness on the inside beauty,
and decided that she can be a part of our tradition too from now on.

Then, we can talk about how Brina and I never ever take pictures together,
mostly because she doesn't love the camera like I do,
but I forced her (by way of not giving her dinner) to this time,
and even though we don't have shoes on,
I'm going to pretend this is kind of an outfit post...

Proof that she avoids the camera like the plague.

Proof that she's not serious about this camera-loving lifestyle like I am.

Proof that we actually love each other.

On me (I don't know what Brina's wearing... see: vain & really love myself the most.):

Blazer: Gap //
Shirt: Old Navy //
Necklace: Charlotte Russe //
Jeans: Uniqlo //


  1. aww these pics are so happy! I hope you have an easy transition back into your usual routine!

    Lady à la Mode

  2. Adorable pictures!

  3. You are too cute, girl! Loving your outfit! And all of this food is making me hungry ;)
    xo TJ

  4. ahhhhhhhhh i LOVEEE la madeline!!! it's so yummy they have it here in DC too.. so i've been hitting it up pretty regularly too hehe :p

    aww i LOVE your OOTD!! you look gorgeous in your neon top! and i love it paired w/ the striped blazer very on trend for spring so chic! love it!

  5. delicious food photos and I love seeing the pictures of you! You are always so happy and cute! Have a lovely weekend, dear!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  6. I love the Gap blazer! I'm all about the stripes!

  7. what a cute post! I like that bit about going to Barnes & Nobles but not reading. I love bookstores, but B&N has now become so commercialized... i like the old small looking bookstores... or just ordering books online.


  8. hi :)you look so adorable! and your photos are really amazing :) what do you think about following each other on gfc and facebook?

    much love,

  9. The food looks so good and perfect! I want, haha.

    Looks like you two had a fun time. :)

  10. the food looks delicious and you are cute!


  11. what lovely food photos! I love a delicate baked good just as much as the next girl!


  12. FOOOD! Is there anything more amazing? Haha, sometimes I go to the book store here and "look through" books, and I end up going to go eat or sit and talk at a cafe. I mean, it counts you go, right? :) xx

  13. All that food looks amazing! Also love your striped blazer! I was on the look out for one, might have to have a wee look in Gap!

    Emma x

  14. awww you and your bestie are so cute! we hang out at B&N all the time too- it's so fun to walk around with a yummy coffee in one hand and talk while reading the backs of book covers. and your bakeries look ah-mazing. i want all of those treats you posted!

  15. very cute pictures!! reminds me of my bestie too! though shes far away right now sniff!!
    New post is up girl :D
    CHICNOVA JEWELRY GIVEAWAY - 3 lucky winners to be chosen on my blog.

  16. So. Much. Good. Food. Can we go to lunch together sometime? haha. And your blue and white striped cardigan is adorable!


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