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How I Survive The February Blues

Winters are rough, trust me I get it. I know all about it, what with temperatures teetering close to the low eighties here in California and breezy afternoons reminiscent of late spring and having to open up our windows at night lest we start sweating.

How badly do you want to slap me?

I'm SORRY. But again, all of you have an open invitation to come stay on my couch and experience this wildly mild winter for yourselves. I'll bring the ice cream, you get us some iced Cokes and a romcom. 
Okay, but hang on.

Even though it doesn't feel like winter 'round these parts per se, we still go through bouts of the February blues. This time of year simply isn't as hopeful as January or as delightful as the spring or as carefree as the summer or festive and cozy like around the holidays. It was the little month that ... couldn't.

My coping mechanisms?

Well, I'm glad you asked!
I try to make sure that I have a work-from-home day every now and then. This is when I schedule apartment maintenance, big deliveries, errands that've been on the To Do list for much too long, and


Because the weekend brunch scene in SF can be infuriatingly crazy, and because I'm still dying to try all the SF restaurants that I've read rave reviews about, my roommate Susan's and my solution has been this: aim for weekday breakfasts when we both have the day "off," and drag along any other (somewhat) willing roommates.

So far, we've tried Plow and Brenda's. Last week, we beelined for Mama's on Washington Square. Though we arrived a whole forty minutes before opening, the line already snaked halfway down the block!
Our favorites: the carrot cake, the famous Mama's Monte Cristo, and the breakfast sandwich. Outrageously good, and it made me positively chipper for the rest of my day answering emails.

Other go-to ways of dealing with the "blahs" of February:


Weekend getaways. I spent the long weekend in Seattle (more about that soon!) and this next one will be in Los Angeles.

Snuggle sessions with the cutest cats.

Retail therapy. February goal: un-memorize my credit card number.

Sprucing up my room. 

It's what I call holing up in bed and savoring the nothingness.

Filling the void that fall TV has left, with cheesy, soapy Chinese TV dramas and other finds such as Chelsea Does, You Me & The Apocalypse, and that new OJ Simpson docu-series.

Slurpable noodles.

It's what's keeping me alive and barely thriving.

Daydreaming about upcoming travel plans. 
Friday night FaceTime dates when we all curl up on someone's bed and go about our evening with long distance friends present as well.



Repeating my mantra "at least I don't have to shave my legs" over and over and over again.
Grooming myself.

Well, not really, but I went and had my eyebrows threaded for the first time in months last weekend and emerged a whole new person, ready to conquer the world.

Buying booties. Being bootylicious. Nabbing Beyonce tickets.

Hoarding Girl Scout cookies. 
Tuesday nights. Tuesday nights are my sacred nights: I order in a favorite takeout, wait for Pretty Little Liars to come on, and proceed to decline each and every one (so, one) of the queued up Facebook invitations for happy hours and cool SF events and whatnot.

Ain't nobody got time for that on a PLL night.

Fluffy robes and slippers, appreciating the snow from afar (on this side of Snapchat), and browsing bikinis under the security blanket of knowing that's something for summer me to deal with.

Winter's not so terrible, eh?


  1. Ok, I love your Tuesday night traditions. I love nights like those...and they are NECESSARY.

    Also, as a side note, one of my FB friends earlier said that one of her twitter friends (does that make sense) said "no spoilers!!" when it came to the OJ documentary...and the person was so serious. Not joking. No spoilers.

  2. But like, could we swap lives, just for a little while? Snow isn't so bad, really...

  3. Sugar and carbs really do make everything better!

  4. Yay for cozy Tuesday nights nestled in with takeout and Pretty Little Liars! I am also loving roommate breakfasts, just the thought of carrot cake makes me drool.

  5. Caroline, I have never commented, but I am an avid reader. I ADORE your blog, you are such a breath of fresh air, you are so relatable, even though I live all the way in freezy (yet very green and amazing!) Ireland, but most of the things you say are the same way I feel about stuff! And especially coffee- coffee the sweet nectar of productivity and coherent life! Also, as an English teacher, I love the way you write (nerd comment needed here).Thanks for sharing snippets of your life with us!

    1. Okay Valentina, you just went and made my week. Thank you for writing this comment... seriously so wonderful to hear from you! Um... I apologize for my complete lack of attention to grammar and proper syntax - yikes!

      Also, I love Ireland! Spent a long weekend there a couple of years ago and fell in love with all the green. It's a beautiful country!

    2. Thanks for replying to this! Much much appreciated :)

      Next time you are in Ireland, drop me a line, I'll show you around Northern Ireland (where I currently live)

      Happy Friday!! :)

    3. Will definitely take you up on that offer! My sister's actually going to Ireland for a wedding in a few weeks, and I SO wish I could tag along. Next time, next time :)

    4. next time for sure! Hope your sister will enjoy the Emerald Island :)!! Have a great weekend Caroline!

  6. Burrowing, retail therapy, and revamping our house-this is how I've been coping here in Michigan. Funny, this morning I thought, "Wow, it feels like Spring today!" Checked the temperature and we're up to 33 finally! Haha. I totally agree though. There is just nothing but waiting from January to holidays, no outdoor get-togethers. Bleh.

  7. I need the fruit, the crumb cake, and all of the food now. THANKS A LOT.

  8. You know, I never really thought about it, but you're right . . . February is a drab month. January is hopeful, March promises spring . . . February is just a hunker down and get through time. You've got great ideas on how it's done . . . like a professional! :-)


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