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Currently :: December

To get all technical on you, if we're talkin' currently CURRENTLY, then I am under three layers of blankets, a fleece pullover, sweatpants, earmuffs, fuzzy gloves, and toasty socks in bed in Nanjing, China. It's right at 35 degrees, the heater is malfunctioning, and so... hello from my igloo.

This comes right after just about a full 24 hours of traveling, complete with a less than satisfying  in flight movie selection – don't you hate that? That came after over a week in Houston, where every day was 80 degrees, with 80% humidity.

Fret not, I will survive. A look back at December (!!!!!!), when I've been...

DREAMING // of a warmer tomorrow.

WATCHING // a lot of movies! What with all the flights this month, compulsory holiday movie marathons, all of my fall TV shows on hiatus, and a Starz trial subscription, it's been all about the big screen in December.
EATING // basically not at home. Indulgent breakfasts around San Francisco, a whole day of eating in LA, mom's cooking in Houston, and now meal after meal in Nanjing, I'm actually now craving a simple cheese quesadilla conjured up in my microwave.

MISSING // a functional Internet! China has what's "affectionately" referred to as the Great Firewall, and they've recently been majorly cracking down on sites that have slipped through the cracks. I'm without... Google, everything associated with Google (Docs, Blogger (!!!!), Drive, Gmail), Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and just about every other site or platform that I use on a daily basis. But how am I blogging right now? Well that's a secret that I'll never tell. XOXO, just kidding, thank GOODNESS for Express VPN.

WANTING // to have an excellent last day of 2015. And I want it for all of you, too.  

PLANNING // 2016 adventures and intentions.

READING // Goodbye Sarajevo, and it gives me the chills after having visited Sarajevo myself this summer. I still need to tell you about that (broken record, I'm aware). Also, I'm hoping to begin re-reading the entire Harry Potter series. This'll be cycle number... 16 or something of that nature.
TALKING // about the good old days, and all the people from way back when. A few hours before my flight to China, I managed to meet up with my best friend from home who I only get to see once or twice a year. We did our traditional brunch + Barnes & Noble date, ran into another high school friend, and caught each other up on the goings on of our mutual friends. Crazy to think how far we've come.

SPENDING // it's December, did you think I was a saint in this arena? I most definitely was not. 

FEELING // a twinge of sadness that 2015 is coming to an end. What. A. Year.

WEARING // my Harry Potter sweatshirt everyyyyywhere (thank you, Lo!) but also twenty layers at the moment. 
ENJOYING // being in the presence of my extended family. They are a loud, all-over-the-place bunch, but they are the most loving people in the world and I'm lucky to be a part of this crew. 

DRINKING // coffee, as per usual. Lots of water, too. 

NEEDING // to get some work-work done, but I'm crashing as we speak. I'm surprised I haven't fallen asleep on top of my laptop.

LISTENING // Serial, season 2. What are your thoughts?!

LOOKING [FORWARD TO] // 2016, 2016, 2016. Blank slates are exciting, don't you think? 

Well, friends, my wish for you is a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve, and as amazing an entrance into 2016 as you can manage. I'll see you here next year!

What was your favorite moment in December?


  1. Your 2015 was AMAZING! I can't wait to follow your 2016. I'm not as hooked to Serial Season 2--I'm hoping that I'll start more into it :)

    Happy New Year!

    Lauren :)

  2. My teacher was in a conference in China and didn't have access to anything! It is so stressful when you have a deadline 2 days later and can't get hold of your teacher ha! Hope you have a wonderful time in China with your extended family and have the best 2016!

  3. But... What are you doing in China? I've been submitting college apps for my Chinese kids... because The Great Firewall doesn't love collegeboard either (asshats).

  4. I have been planning a lot of hopeful travels for 2016! Hoping my bank account will agree with them, haha! x, kenz

  5. How fun to be traveling for the new year! Sounds freezing, but worth it! You should get a pass for December spending, no one needs to talk about that ;) I love how you out smarted the Gov and posted a blog post, you tell 'em! Merry 2016! Xoxo, ganeeban


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