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Currently :: September

October, at last! I have a feeling this month is going to be a memorable one for many reasons, but MOST importantly because my big sister is tying the knot on Halloween! I could exclamation point about this all! month! long! Just you wait and see!

WATCHING // unlike in the summer when the only show I insisted on tuning into was Pretty Little Liars (thank you sketchy Canadian proxy), I am once again glued to Hulu Plus. Fallin' for fall TV and possibly fall football too. 

EATING // my culinary masterpieces. Scrambled eggs, tofu scrambles, chicken and corn and black bean quesadillas, and uhhhh... that's about it. Mac and cheese.

WANTING // for nothing, actually. Feeling rather content at the moment, and wanting only a month's worth of smooth sailing as we inch closer and closer to the big day.
PLANNING // a bridal shower! All month, I've been in a tizzy getting the shower prepped and ready. DIYs are no joke. I spent six episodes of Parenthood making a tassel garland and a whole football game perfecting a chalk sign. 

READING // library books. I have a good mix of girly beach reads because I didn't get the memo that summer's over, history books because doesn't that sound nice with a cup of tea, and... and blogs. Obviously.

MAKING // see: DIYs for bridal shower. My sister sent over a long list of DIYs for the wedding too, which is what I'll be busying myself with now. Let's see what we're gonna do about the line that says "tree" with no explanation. She's lucky she's just about my favorite person on this planet, or else I'd be askin' a lot more questions. 

NOTICING // how September was a month of contrasts. Scorching, then freezing, over the course of two days. A lowkey week, followed by three 5am wakeup alarms the next. You know the drill.
MISSING // constant travel. But I yap on enough about my adventures in my recaps as it is, so I'll go ahead and hush.

NEEDING // a few more home furnishings. A lamp, for one. Perhaps a bookshelf. Ooh, and an office chair of some sort because I'm a little sore from perching day in and day out on this flimsy little wooden stool I stole from the living room. 

LEARNING // the pains of adulthood. As in, at the beginning of each month, I shell out the moolah for rent. Then, just as my pounding heart calms itself, Discover e-mails me kindly with a 'hey, so your credit card payment is due in two days!' Oh cruel world.
TALKING // on the phone a lot. About work stuff, about blog stuff, about friend stuff. It's so stinkin' strange being more than a stone's toss away from my friends, but it's also been a comfort to know that FaceTime isn't half bad at its job.

SPENDING // let's not talk about this. I'm going with an avoidance policy here.

DRINKING // all the Nescafe! If you know what I'm talking about, don't judge me. If you don't know what I'm talking about... don't look into it. Nescafe is a habit I picked up from Croatia, and I just can't quit it.

FEELING // something on the horizon. And really, really, REALLY excited to get to celebrate my big sis and love and candy at the end of the month!

And you, my friend? How was your September? Did anyone wake Green Day, by the way?


  1. Caroline, you must be getting SO excited for the shower! You're such a good sister! :)

    1. Well, you know, she's the BEST sister out there, so I'm just happy I had a chance to celebrate her :)

  2. I hear you with the spending and credit card bills...being an adult can be hard sometimes. I'll take the "no homework" thing but would rather postpone the rent and grown up bills thing. I love love love that your sister is getting married on Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday ever, and I've told Jordan a million times if he ever proposes to me I would prefer Halloween season more than anything else. Please don't tell anyone I told you that because now I sound like a crazy girl obsessed with being proposed to but in reality it has far less to do with getting married and far more to do with my love for everything Halloween. Total tangent there...


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