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Laugh With Me

Laugh With Me
Laugh With Me

Because Obviously Birthday Calories Don't Count

Before I say anything else,
I need to first apologize for the atrocious quality of these pictures.
Clearly, photography was the last thing on my mind.
When there's food in front of me, everything's the last thing on my mind.

{Also, I'm sorry for bombarding you with a million food pictures again -
I probably need to go find some other hobbies,
but whatever, I doubt that'll happen anytime soon.}

Wednesday the 17th is my 20th birthday
{I said I wouldn't freak out, but I'm freaking out.}
& I celebrated in the way I know best:
with my big sister and basically seeing how many calories I could consume
in the shortest time span possible.
You guys, I know that this is a difficult life skill,
but I'm proud to say that I've become highly accomplished.

I finally got to try Bi-Rite Creamery,
and y'all, it was a religious experience.
I have higher standards for my ice cream than I do my future husband,
and I'll just casually throw out there that Bi-Rite might just be the Matt Damon of men.
The malted vanilla especially - it can be Hugh Jackman for all I care -
it can sing, dance, act, and be handsome in all of its ice cream glory.

My only requests for our day was that we have ramen and sushi at some point.
Our first stop after the amazingness known as Bi-Rite,
was Waraku in Japantown to get some satisfyingly aromatic ramen.
There is nothing in this world I'd rather do than eat bowls on bowls of noodles with my sister.
Waraku didn't disappoint - the very best part {of life}, of course, is that egg - too. good.

To prove to you that I have the mental capacity to do something other than eat,
here I present my favorite form of cardio: shopping.
Twenty years of shopping, Daddy, do you know how much money I saved you in not
having to get me a therapist? Do you even know?

After picking up a carrot cupcake from Cake-o & some Stanford water
{just proves that you can't get too far from the Bubble, no matter how hard you try}
we headed over to Bliss Spa for some much-needed massages.
Not only did I not engage in physical activity to burn off my calories,
I laid there & imitated a lazy seal relaxed for an hour.
Clutch move - birthdays only.
{As if.}

{And yes, I know I have the best sister ever - keep reading, it gets even better.}

I used to refuse to eat raw fish,
and then my sister took me to Nobu,
and I figured... if it was good enough for Beyonce, it was good enough for me.
And ever since, I've been addicted to eating Nemo.
Just kidding.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

I bet you Nemo hates salmon, & that's what I {mostly} stick to.

Kama was delicious;
I was especially a fan of the Rainbow Roll -
pretty and yummy -
that's my kind of lovely!

Finally, as a special treat before she sent me back to school,
we stopped by Beard Papa's for some cream puffs.
I love this place so much, I once tracked it down in some underground mall in Beijing -
{trust me, that takes willpower & a whole lot of guts}
the creamy, fluffy, extra-light custard filling is just ... otherworldly.

Thank you so much, my lovely big sister & other half,
for a most amazing birthday celebration - I loved every single second.

And although my jeans already feel extra tight on this Monday
{it was in the dryer... okay?}
I'm not stopping anytime soon -
I consider my birthday to be the entire month of April,
and my calorie count is going to represent that very accurately.

Over and out soul sistas!


  1. Happy (early) Birthday!! Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate :)

  2. Um, can I steal your life in food? Please? That looks amazing!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  3. what a delicious post! I love your food photos) Always so good!! Happy upcoming birthday!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  4. seriously girl. I'm on freaking diet and here you are showing all the food in the world. Anyway it's OK I don't like sushis ^^

  5. Happy early birthday :) the food looks incredible, you are making me hungry haha


  6. love you baby sis! so wonderful to spend the day with you! you are the most beautiful, kind, intelligent and sparkling young woman i know! happy early bday...again :)

  7. happy happy birthday! it looks like you had such an amazing day. I agree, birthday calories should not count ;) all of this food looks delicious.

  8. You'll be 20 tomorrow!!!! One of the best years of my life, for sure. Don't ever apologize for food pictures...bring 'em on!!

  9. Ha ha but you made for your just desserts with healthy meals!

    Ali of

  10. We agree! You have to celebrate your entire birthday month! That's what we do! Everything looks delish!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  11. Happy Birthday!
    Birthday calories do not count!

  12. yes. we must eat watever we want on bday :D haha

    shall we follow each other?

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    Like On Facebook , for photos and sharing opinion. Share the photos you like.

    Subscribe on youtube for DIY and fashion videos. I’ts gonna be a lot of fun :D

  13. happy birthday dearie :)

    omgosh sweets, sushi and ramen it's like the best b-day EVER!!

    oh how i miss bi-rite.. and could definitely go for a vanilla beard papa right now hehehe :p

  14. I'm totally drooling over all of this food!

  15. i love this! birthday calories definitely don't count, at least they shouldn't! hope you enjoyed your big day!

  16. happy birthday to you, caroline!!! this all looks awesome.

  17. Oh my gosh, I would devour each and every bite of that Rainbow Roll. Yum! I'm glad you and your big sis had such a great day together. :)

  18. Hi! I just came across your blog and love it! The sushi looks absolutely delicious!


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