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Laugh With Me
Laugh With Me

What I Was Doing When I Wasn't Studying

Tomorrow, there's this midterm I have to take. It won't be hard (knock on wood), but there are a million and one different definitions and exceptions I have to go over in the form of ten very information-heavy Powerpoint slideshows. Needless to say, I've been prolonging the act of having to do just that for as long as I can.

How? – you, dear reader. You sweet, dear reader.


–By walking to Starbucks in the rain and willingly standing in a twenty minute line.

–Watching a handful of FRIENDS episodes and having a long internal debate about whether or not I'm really ready for that twenties-in-the-city kind of lifestyle.

–Then, somehow, by letting the rain and the wind lull me into a nice, long nap.

–By deciding on a whim that now's a great time to get some laundry done!

–And, uh oh, well it looks like I accidentally put it through another spin cycle. Oopsies.

–Now, I've got to fold my laundry with meticulous care because I want nice creases in them.

–But why don't I go ahead and throw in my linens as well?

–You know, it's technically almost Spring. So, how 'bout some Spring cleaning. It's definitely the right time to tidy up every nook and cranny and color-code my drawer of tops:
–But then I had to do another load of laundry thanks to the whole new pile of clothes that had fallen behind my bed that I found when I was cleaning every nook and cranny. Every nook and cranny, I tell you.

–So then I started following my roommate's and friends' softball game(s) through the online game trackers and Googling the softball terms that I didn't know. What's a pop-up. Where does a ball fly.

–By realizing I still needed to listen to Serial.

–Then I finished Serial. (I only had three episodes left okay who do you think I am.)

–By watching The Riot Club and then looking up the actors and drooling over them (it makes sense because they're all listed as model/actors they're so beautiful).

–Job application, done!

–By inviting my bestie over for take-out sushi and Eat, Pray, Love Notting Hill.
Notice the "Just Do It... Later" sign. It's a lifestyle, you know.

(Addendum: my friend Nick and I were on the tour bus taking us back to London from the Harry Potter Studio Tour last year, and these two American girls sitting at the front of the bus had this fifteen minute long (loud) argument with the bus driver about whether or not Hugh Grant should be as loved as he is. It eventually went on the loudspeaker so the rest of the bus could play judge. The bus driver insisted "Why does every American think the movie Notting Hill is an accurate depiction of the British?!" Because Hugh Grant's devastatingly beautiful blue eyes, that's why, bus driver man.)

-Proceeding to walk to the local campus eatery for dessert to share.

-By washing my dishes.

-And then by washing the rest of the house's dishes.

-Reading a chapter of Wild.

-This little thing called Instagram, followed by these other little things called Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard, Yik Yak, Google+. LOL, not Google+ though. Never Google+.

-By being a good offspring and FaceTimeing my mother.

-And finally, by writing this blog post.

Well, whadaya know. I guess it's time to crack open that textbook now.


  1. sometimes i get distracted by my procrastinating on top of procastinating. you know? like i'm doing something to distract myself and continue to be distracted.

  2. hahahah the things we do to NOT study. i once picked off all of those little balls of fluff from my pants just to avoid studying. then i played with the mound of mini puffs and made them into mini snowmen. it was about 2am when i decided that sleep was for chumps and it was time to study for my midterm at 8am!!!!

  3. That sushi literally looks like heaven on a plate!!
    But this all sounds wayyyy too familiar...
    Today was my 'Oh I need to do lots more dissertation readings'... One cake made. Two coffee trips. One gym session & only one reading done... You've got to love procrastination!
    Good luck in the mid term!
    Emily xx
    Auburn Antics

  4. You and I are quite alike haha. I'll do anything to put off studying. One thing I ALWAYS do is decide to clean everything possible and think about getting my life together (but not studying)

  5. You sound just like me!!! Procrastinating and finding anything and everything to do, besides doing what I am supposed to be doing!! Ha!! Good luck on your mid-term tomorrow!!

  6. These things were really important. You accomplished a lot!

  7. I get that same way when I have something that needs to be done. I was going to take my final yesterday, but then there were so many more pressing matters at hand... such as catching up on Grimm, folding some clothes, helping my son with his letter sounds, making dinner, etc.

  8. I wish my roommates would procrastinate by washing their dishes! I am so glad you mentioned the "twenties in the city lifestyle"...I keep going back and forth on whether I am really ready for it too. Good luck on your midterm!

  9. I just love how you can take the most ordinary pieces of life and make them seem so perfectly pretty and interesting! I hope your midterm went well girl, your color coordinated drawer looks great (;

  10. Hahaha, oh the art of procrastination ;)

  11. Blogging is always a great way to distract ourselves from real world tasks :)


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