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On Surgery and {Weekend} Shenanigans

In eleven days, I'll be tucked uncomfortably in an airplane seat with little leg room, and I don't think I could be happier about it. China has treated me warmly this summer {literally and figuratively}, and my heart dreads saying goodbye to my little munchkin, but there's a time for everyone to go back home and I'm feeling that the time has finally come for me.

My body especially wants to be back at home right now because I put it through a battering this morning, and all it wants is some mac and cheese, perhaps with some bacon sprinkled on top. My mom felt sorry for me this morning and surprised me with a bagel, a package of deli meat, and a tub of butter, all wildly expensive and from the import store, and let's just say, it made me so happy... I was close to starting a Save Paula Deen movement.

This was me all day:

I apologize sincerely for being an eyesore.

Why the long face, buddy?

This. The long face because of this.

Worry not, friends, it was nothing major. I had a tiny mole surgically removed from my neck and am already as good as new, but because I had to go into the operating room, get anesthesia, wear dorky blue shoe covers, get SIX stitches, and gave up shower rights for a week, I wanted to throw myself a mini pity party through this post. And through real life as well, but there's another name for that. It's called my parents. 

Even having a minor surgery has its benefits though {apart from the obvious health-related ones}. All weekend long, I pretty much got to do whatever I wanted. Soooo, it made for a pretty solid one. Activities included:


Dimsum with my cousin and parents,
and then a girls' day out w/ the cuz,
starting with some makeup shopping,

INSANE 90 minute foot massage,
that included a soak in a milk and ginger mixture, neck and back rub,
and this one move that cracked every joint in my back,
and that made me feel like my entire world was coming together,

a hair wash and blowout {for all of $6},


a breather at the 'bucks,
a long walk,
and then hotpot with the family and this chiclet:


sushi lunch with the parental units,
a jaunt out for milk tea,
and then my dad and I spent the remainder of the afternoon
listening to the radio for the Stanford/SJSU game - go Card, go Card!

Then, we met up with my aunt and mom for dinner,
and all headed over to my other aunt's house to hang out with my
other cousin's baby boy - he. is. so. precious.

And then came Monday, D-Day for me.
Here we are.


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  1. You look like you had a good time in China. Haha your moms gift sounded great! ; )

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  2. I'm glad your surgery was fine! And it seems like you had a good time recovering. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    Je M'appelle Molly

    xo Molly

  3. Your hair looks BEAUTIFUL in that photo! I envy you and your awesome locks!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  4. Oh my, happy to hear the surgery went well! And yes, your hair looks more like a 1,000 bucks, not 6?!

  5. glad to hear you are now mole free..
    envious of the foot massage.. i need that.. plus a back massage, arm massage, hand massage and everything else also rubbed and soaked..

  6. Oh gosh, a foot massage and a hair make-over sounds fabulous!!
    xo TJ

  7. Love your optimism!!! I would just stick on my onesie and wallow the whole time like I did after laser eye surgery!!!

    Take a look at my blog if you have a moment, I'm new to it so would appreciate any feedback!
    Thanks so much, I'm at Fashion Mumblr

    Josie xoxo

  8. sounds like a crazy week for you! So glad you're okay though!! Loving that you got to do things that make you so happy!!
    Kristin xx

  9. Ah! I got a tiny bit worried at the beginning of this post. I'm glad it was nothing major. And, do I spy some conveyer belt sushi? that is probably my favorite thing in the world, even though I only had it once when I was in Japan. That dining experience was enough to make me want to go back. Enjoy your last few days abroad, I'm sure the happy back to school feeling will be waiting for you here in the USA!

  10. Glad you are feeling better dear! That dimsum picture got me all sorts of jealous and hungry at the same time (my favorite thing ever)

    xx Alecia with

  11. Your blog is so nice! I really like it! Great post!

    Check out my blog and follow if you like :)

    Deepti x

  12. Oh my gosh...I was freakinggggg out at first. And yes, it's still surgery...but I'm glad everything's ok and that you're doing ok. That 90 minute foot massage is exactly what I need...I mean, is there anything better? No! Except for maybe how gorgeous your hair looks. Glad you were able to take it easy and recover.

  13. Love your blowout! what a relaxing day!

  14. Ok - right off the bat - you have the most beautiful hair!!! Got a new camera and did a re-design...hope you can stop by!


  15. I am so glad it was just a minor surgery, when I started reading I was thinking it was something really serious - scary!
    You look gorgeous in these photos, love love love your hair in the blow-out photo - pretty pretty!

  16. awww this is such a heartwarming post, i love seeing pictures of family together :) hope you're feeling better after your surgery! x

  17. Im glad everything is well! I never knew you were in China. I love the pictures, it looks like you had a wonderful time!


  18. I'm glad everything is okay girl!!!


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