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Laugh With Me

Laugh With Me
Laugh With Me

A College Student, I Am

As much as I like to fool myself into thinking that I'm either:
a five-year-old child (why be an adult when being a child won't kill you),
a twenty-eight year old high roller (because I go to Starbucks on the daily),
or an eighty year old (see: bedtime = best time),
I'm actually a college student and loving it and am terrified of the day 
that the university drags me out of my dorm room, forces a cap and gown on me,
and then shoves me across the stage in 2015.

I'm milking college for all that it's got,
because when else in life am I going to get away with:

pretty much.

+ Housing being the most stressful thing in my life.
Nope, not apartment hunting or figuring out mortgages,
or even landscaping, or whatever else you do with a real property.
My dilemmas: picking suitemates, a dining club, and rooms.
(Although, this got figured out today -
woohoo, SUITES two years in a row!!!)

+Starting a psychology paper four hours ago. It's due at 9AM tomorrow.

+This is my room right now:

+ Attending a last lecture for a communications class,
and not even feeling guilty for not listening to 80% of what he was saying.
Prof, you're great and all, but... learning about Angry Birds for 2 hours? 
Roommate and I had a European dream cruise to plan {emphasis on dream}.

+ No matter how hard I try (which granted, isn't very hard), I can't feed myself nutritiously.
When else can I get away with eating a plate full of french fries for lunch?
{To my credit - I also ate two strawberries.}

+ And c'mon, this is how I dress myself:

On a good day.

Clearly, your argument is invalid.

Thank you, college.
Don't ever let me go.


  1. LOLLL what a cute blog entry. STARBUCKS ON THE DAILY!

  2. haha cute :) i miss college days! omgosh so lucky you have a room all by yourself! that's so awesome!

  3. Baha! I love it. That's how I felt too!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  4. I love reading your blog <3
    Great post!

  5. Thanks for sharing the real college experience, haha. I went to my local state university so I stayed home. Can't say I regret it though; I had my own room and bathroom, home cooked meals, etc. etc.

    Wardrobe on Wheels

  6. haha; great post. love starbucks on the daily. totally enjoy college. :)
    xoxo Aimee

  7. I can definitely relate!

  8. haha too cute! I understand where you're coming from!

  9. Hah, wow we are on the same page. College is so like this though - and holla for suites!

  10. Very cute post!!

    I'm somewhere in the middle of you and the 28-year old high roller, but I hit up Starbs on the daily too. No judgement here! ;)

    xoxo Jackie

  11. Dude I wish I could say that you have nothing to worry about, but I wish I were still in college! D:
    So strange I actually had a dream last night that I was still taking classes and I woke up unsure if I had graduated yet or not...

    Make the most of your college years!! Don't procrastinate! Clean your room! Eat well and try to mind your health! It's over in the blink of an eye.

    xo freshfizzle

  12. Haha so funny! I had my own room in college at Hunter College in NYC b/c the dorm use to be nurses quarters back in the day.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  13. hihi, I'm sure you're having a lot of fun at the college!
    Come back soon to visit me on Cosa Mi Metto???
    Enter Colorswitch cases giveaway!


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