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Let's Have (Dim)Sum Fun!

See what I did there?

Last week, I was home in Houston for Spring Break.
It was a week of good, wholesome fun:
Mama's cooking, lots of sleep and TV time, and making my dad do my taxes.
(As it's going to be for the next 50 years, glad we're establishing this now.)

My birthday's coming up soon,
so my parents took me out for some dimsum - my favorite! - as an early celebration.

Fung's Kitchen | 7320 Southwest Fwy #115, Houston, TX 77074

My typical order:
(sorry I'm butchering Chinese right now...
it's a tad embarrassing.)

luomiji - glutinous rice w/ chicken filling wrapped in lotus leaves.
xiajiao - translucent, steamed shrimp dumplings.
charsiubao - BBQ pork steamed buns.
changfen - shrimp in rice noodle rolls.
xianshuijiao - deep-fried savory dumplings w/ sweet, sticky exterior
zhou - congee (I always ask for 1000-year eggs + pork)
yutoujiao - mashed taro + veggie/mushroom dumplings w/ crispy exterior.
and my sister's favorite - fengzhua aka phoenix claw/chicken feet.

We always order an additional couple of fun dishes,
but these are the ones we usually judge a dimsum restaurant by.

(The consensus, if you Houston folks are wondering,
was that Fung's Kitchen was decent, but not incredible.)

Now, go and have (dim)sum fun!

What are your thoughts on dimsum?
What are your favorites?
Do you have a favorite dimsum restaurant?


  1. I used to HATE dim sum as a kid, but the rest of my family was obsessed with it! I need to give it another shot, and join them the next time they go. It really make no sense that I would hate it, because I love eating savory, non-breakfast-like foods for breakfast!

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  2. Looks delish! Found you on cupcakes and cashmere!

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  3. This looks AMAZING!!

    I really need to try it! Your love of food is inspiring!! lol :)


  4. that sounds really good, never had dim sum before.
    ah a dad who does your taxes for you.. isn't that the dream.

  5. love dimsum! x

  6. I've actually never had dim sum (should I be embarrassed by that??) haha

    Erica of

  7. I really love dim sum! BBQ pork steamed buns are my favorite ))

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  8. Hi Caroline! Thank you so much for visiting my blog:)! Would you like to follow each other? Just leave a comment on my blog and let me know. Thanks:)!

  9. Noel's dad still does our taxes!! :-)

    Glad you had a good spring break. I know it was so nice to get away. And no, I've never had dimsum...I've never even heard of it!


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