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Laugh With Me
Laugh With Me

#FourForGlenCocoFriday + The Rest of the Weekend

We've reached that point in the year,
when the days are whizzing by,
and the end of school is so, so close.

Just a second ago, we were exclaiming,
"it's already February?"

and now,
we're already at
"it's already almost-May?"

2013 is almost halfway over.

The good news is,
with the realization that we're almost halfway done with college,
I've been trying to make these last few weeks of sophomore year the greatest possible.

And that is how I decided last Friday,
that it would be #TreatYourselfTuesday,
except it wasn't Tuesday and there is no good synonym that starts with F.
So I came up with #FourForGlenCocoFriday (lame, stop I know), in which
we pretend that I am Glen Coco and I gift myself with whatever I want.

... such as a pedicure, lunch off-campus, new sparkly sandals,
and some fun weekend outings:
seeing my friend's performance (twice! purple flowers for my pride and joy!)
stopping by my suitemates' softball game (first time I saw my roommate hit a home run, woohoo! i mean it happens all the time, really, but she never does anything good when I'm in attendance... that scoundrel),
checking out the men's lacrosse game,
and getting some spring cleaning done.

Let's finish strong, dah-lings!


  1. Completely in love with your sandals <3 They're super cute!!

  2. Ok, I have to know where those sparkly sandals are from! You're such a great friend going to see your friend's performance!!

  3. LOVE your nail color!! Gorgeous!


  4. love your nail polish!

    xoxo from vancouver :)


  5. Cute sandals and nail polish color!


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