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#CCTakesLA: The Food

I am sorry.
I am sorry I am making you look at glorious food right now,
most likely right after you started the day healthy,
with a nice breakfast and maybe a light jog,
and now I'm making you want to throw healthy life back at the universe's face,
and just indulge.
I am truly sorry.
But if I don't show you these pictures,
I'll feel like the 2394802 pounds I gained from last weekend was for nothing.

And we can't have that.


 Diddy Riese:
$1.75 delicious ice cream sandwiches?
I'm down.
I had vanilla ice cream sandwiched by a cinnamon sugar cookie,
and a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie (my fave!):
winner winner chicken ice cream sandwich dinner.
No really, this was our dinner after that long drive.
Best decision ever.


Bottega Louie:
I have long wanted to visit this brunch-and-pastries mecca,
and am happy to say that we had a wonderful experience. 
Mark my words - I will be back for the macarons I didn't get to try this time!
Feast your eyes:



Sprinkles Ice Cream:
No explanations needed - 
a necessary pilgrimage for every person who calls her/himself a Sprinkles addict.
We inhaled our goodies & didn't take any pictures of the treats,
but Cassandra had a frozen hot chocolate and I tried Thin Mint and Cherry Vanilla, yum!


Cafe Rio:
To be entirely honest,
Cafe Rio is 80% of the reason why I embarked on this trip without too much thought.
Ever since I tried my first sweet pork barbacoa salad nine months ago,
I've been hooked. And I've been waiting to go back for more.
Someone please open one in the Bay Area.
I will make it my personal obligation to spend 96% of my paycheck there every month.


I swear, I was stuffed for days after our Los Angeles weekend trip,
which was probably a good thing because I definitely had no time to eat
while I crammed for finals the week after.

Anyway, that is all the spectacular food we ate this time,
but we are already planning a return trip in May/June!
(...another Finals Week... duh.)


  1. I love Diddy Riese . Was there a huge line when you went? Ice cream sandwiches use to be $1 when I went there!

  2. This post was a dream come true! I LOVE all the food pics. WHY are the cookies and ice cream sandwiches so cheap though? I think you may have found heaven... And portobello mushrooms fries? WHAT! Where are all these awesome restaurants located- and can I come live with you so I can eat there too, pleeease?

    Some Snapshots Blog

  3. bottega louie definitely is now on my list now to see !!! ARGH.. that prosciutto got me real good too!


  4. yum!!! all that looks so good!

  5. Oh wow! Everything looks so yummy!!! :-) Now we are hungry! :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. It looks all so good - so hungry now!!!

  7. Hey Caroline!
    lovely blog and images! may i ask which camera you use?
    also that prosciutto looks scrumptious!

  8. We are so lucky to have the best food here in LA! Before my gluten-free days, I totally loved Diddy Riese! It still pains when I'm in Westwood and see that long line for those yummy treats!! x

  9. okay, love all of this so much! now i am starving!
    DIDDY RIESE is our favorite ever, and so is cafe rio!
    i am seriously SO jealous you just got to have rio!
    and sprinkles ice cream..thank you, officially drooling.
    i need to try botegga louie!
    let's start a petition to bring cafe rio to the bay area !!!!!!

  10. Okay, all of this food is making me hungry!!!
    And who wouldn't plan their whole trip around Cafe Rio! Love ;)
    xo TJ

  11. looks yummy... unfair you still look gorgeous though ^^

  12. this is true food porn. all of the food looks so delicious!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  13. oh my cafe rio! if dinner wasn't already in the oven then I would be getting in my car right now.

  14. i'll take one of ERRYTHANG kthnx


  16. This food DOES look amazing! I am at work right now and about to have breakfast and discovered Agave and how great it tastes in oatmeal!

    Ali of

  17. oh god.. that ice cream sandwich looks incredible.

  18. I was fine until you showed a picture of Cafe Rio. Oh man - seriously, that pork salad? I think one time I ate there almost every day for a week. And I would gladly keep going back, but the closest one to me is now 30 miles away :( Seriously, it makes me want to cry. Although my waistline - and my wallet - thank me, because I'm pretty sure I did spend 96% of my paycheck there.

  19. Hola!

    Just stumbled on your blog - SO cute! And thanks for the great LA recommendations - I've lived here for a year and half and haven't been to a couple of those places :)
    xoxo chelsea at

  20. girl you hit the nail on the head! those spots are personal favorites of mine as well xx

  21. This is my kind of foodie trip! Glad to read that other people celebrate places through food as much as I do!

  22. yum x 100! wow!

    xoxo from nyc &


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