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17/30: Hello, LA!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, you leprechauns!
Hope you're getting your fair share of green (and gold)!

Day 17 of the Blogging Challenge:
what are you looking forward to the most?

As I am typing this,
I am sitting in my roommate's bedroom at home,
in Orange County.

Our tradition every Finals Week,
is to either travel somewhere (it's only been LA so far),
or to have friends come visit us.

Raise your eyebrows all you want,
but it's actually quite conducive to my studying habits
(aka I work well under pressure).

With that said,
I am looking forward to what's all going to go down in LA
today and tomorrow:

Diddy Riese (check!),
Bowl of Heaven,
Griffith Observatory,
Bottega Louie,
Sprinkles Ice Cream,
Georgetown Cupcakes,
Old bookstores,
Cafe Rio (!!!!),
and more!

Be prepared to be bombarded with LA photos next week.


Spring Break's next week,
and I'm going home to Houston,
and I'm looking forward to a big bowl of beef noodle soup upon arrival.


  1. That sounds like a good tradition to me! I do the same thing, the less time I have the better I do :)

  2. Can't tell you how happy I am you've discovered Cafe Rio. I hate to say that I gorge myself everytime I'm in LA, Vegas or Utah... but I do. Can you believe that we live without that blessing here in the bay area???? Someone needs to fix this. Like now. haha

  3. have an awesome trip!

  4. Enjoy your trip! I'm ready for all these pictures!

  5. yay! have a great time! And spring break sounds great, I wish I was back in school just so I could get a spring break ;)


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