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Laugh With Me

14/30: A Day in the Life

For the first time in a really long time,
I'm done with all of my work.
(Disregarding next week's final, papers, and assignments.)
I don't even know what to do with myself right now.
But this is what I did do in the course of the day,
as per Day 14 (Happy Pi Day) of the Blogging Challenge:
what did you do today?


6:05 - alarm goes off.
I need to get up & finish my final essay for Communications.
Problem: my hand has learned to turn off my 10 alarms
without my brain knowing.

7:04: wake up.

until 7:57: essay-writing.
It's about blogging.
I'm loving this.

until 8:34: reading blogs & getting clothed.

until 10:15: Communications lecture.
last class!

until 11ish: facetime w/ parents, derp around on my phone.

until 12:03: naaaaaptime! (best time.)

until 12:48: lunch. it's pizza & salad day.
the only time i see any semblance of vegetables ever.

until 1:00: listening to breakaway by kelly clarkson on repeat
while straightening my hair.
it's short now & doesn't need to be straightened,
but i got hungry & it's too soon after lunch to get away with eating,
and the hot straightener smell makes me think of cookies in an oven.

until 1:50: picked out a new outfit

and did my makeup.
yes, i'm aware we're already more than halfway through the day.

until 4:00 - work.

(mah office.)

until 4:45 - it's such a beautiful day,
so i met with my girl lolo outside of starbucks,
and i sipped my passion tea lemonade 
while browsing the web.
freedom is sweet.

until 5:30 - food.

until 7:00 - food coma.
don't know what's happening.
("doing work" in the Old Union.

not actually.)

until 8:05 - Comm section.
last class of the quarter!
such a relief.

until 8:25 - a nice walk home.

until 9:30 - the roommate and i picked up
KB, who is on the softball team, and Lauren.
Made a Target run.
Hid cookies and candy and drinks in purse.
(post-purchase, obviously.)

until 12:30 - went to see Oz.
(that's where the cookies and drinks come in.)
a much better movie than i had expected - 
it was hysterical!
and i want a zach-braff-monkey of my own, please.

at 1:05 - zonked out.


  1. My straightener always makes me think of Chick-Fil-A, which is a serious problem since there is one on my way to work and the chicken minis are one of my favorite things ever!

  2. oooh those cookies are the best! i love how the icing is super sweet. haha.


  3. I really love these "Day in the life" posts!! They have been really fun to read :)

    Erica of

  4. you have quite a busy life!
    It's very interesting to read about your day!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine


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