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13/30: Gosh Darnit, I Have Too Many Soulmates...

I just got off my soapbox from yesterday,
about how my freshman dorm-mates are my soulmates.
Today, I'm going to show you another set of soulmates.
I'm guilty of having so many, I know it,
but believe me when I say I'm not exaggerating -
when I met the people I refer to endearingly as soulmates,
my soul literally figuratively (whatever) woke up a little and said,
"oh there you are, I didn't even know I was missing you!"

Sappiness over, I swear.

Day 13 of the Blogging Challenge: 
someone or something you miss.

I met these three girls on the first day of EPGY,
a summer writing camp at Stanford the summer after of junior year.

We first started hanging out after
drawing chalk images of the Hogwarts Express and Death Eaters,
and then building a sandcastle of Hogwarts.
(Yes, I did say we met junior year and not kindergarten.)

Through the next three weeks,
we did absolutely everything together.
There were many moments where
we laughed so hard, we fell on the sidewalk for many minutes.

In the above picture,
we had paid a biker boy person $5
to bike us from the dining hall back to the dorm
(a whole 1 mile).

I love and miss these girls like crazy,
and can't wait until the day we are reunited as a foursome!
(Sappiness over, for real this time.)


  1. It's can have more than one soulmate. So glad you have such wonderful friends...I met my very best ones in college!

  2. You have such cute posts. One big like for your blog congrats :)

  3. Great post! Friends are very important, indeed =]

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  4. Ooh! A sand Hogwarts castle would have been something to see! I'm sure you will remember that day with your friends forever. :)


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