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Laugh With Me
Laugh With Me

10/30: Rugrats.

Day 10 of the Blogging Challenge (one-third of the way done!) -
Kids. Do you have them? Do you want them?

Nope, no kids. Not yet.

I'd like to become legal on all counts -
alcohol, rental cars, gambling [insert other cool stuff grown-ups can do]-
in all countries until I even consider that possibility.
(What? I think I'm going to need some wine and a car to drive
myself to Vegas to save myself from the terrible two's and teething and whatnot.)

However, I do have two cutie patootie baby cousins (or cousins' babies) -
one is almost six years old, the other is almost two years old.
The older one especially is very close to me.
She is so very special to my heart,
and I haven't seen her in almost two years,
which completely breaks my heart.

here is my sweetie with her fabulous winged shirt.
you do you, girl.

Other than that, I want to get myself a puppy?
In two years?
All in all, I think I should learn how to turn on the stove,
and dry my clothes without shrinking them,
(and how about a significant other...)
before I even think about having a tiny tot of my own!

In other news, I made friends with a baby on the bus today.
We chatted about his chubby cheeks -
he was very vocal about his thoughts on them.


  1. yeahhh!! being a parent seems like a lot of work (and I'm lazy ^^)

  2. Yes, become legal before having a child...good thought process there! :-)

    Why haven't you seen your cousin in so long? :( I hope that changes soon! What a cutie!

  3. so sweet! xoxo from nyc &


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