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Laugh With Me

The Only Reason I Wake Up On Weekends

The answer: brunch.
The other answer {if and only if first answer doesn't happen for some reason, God forbid}: 
just to wake up past noon and chuckle at the idea that I woke up past noon.
College life - it's excellent, I tell ya!

Fortunately, this past weekend
(seriously, I'm so behind on posts sometimes...
it's because I'm up to my neck in computer science coding,
which makes me sound really smart,
but then I'll tell you that I started it two days before it's due,
when you're supposed to start about - you know - seven days before,
and then you realize maybe I'm not so smart anymore.)
was one of those brunch days.

This lovely lady and I walked into Downtown Palo Alto
and then back home. 8 miles. Exercise - check.

actually yes, this is how we function. we exercise to eat... and it's not even 
really exercise. we go get food and call it exercise.)

Chai from La Boulange!
...except we didn't go to La Boulange for brunch, even though I've heard rave reviews.
We just went and picked up some sweet (for her) and spicy (for me) chai.
It's very yummy - I highly recommend,
although I think Coupa Cafe will always have my heart when it comes to chai.

We instead visited University Cafe in Palo Alto, one of very favorites.
Sorry the lighting of this is kind of weird.
I think I'll just tell you that the lighting gods wanted you to focus on that
delicate, pillow-y egg which glazed over with sunshine-colored yolk
at the gentle prod of a fork,
and that gorgeous hollandaise sauce that I basically licked off the plate.
Eggs Benedict, there's nothing like it.

This is Lauren's omelete,
which I for once didn't steal a bite from,
mainly because I was having joy spasms from my own food.
But she said it was delicious!
And I trust her over anyone when it comes to good eats.

Have a good (brunch-filled) weekend, 
you pretty and nice friends, you!


  1. Looks delicious !!!

  2. Ok seriously stop oing to la Boulange, make me wanna go each time lol
    Oh well depends does Palo Alto have Hills like in SF ? Because if it does going to get food (or doing anything, actually) definately counts as sport.
    Anyway, you are a brave girl: as much as I love brunch, I'm rarely able to wake up before it ends ^^

  3. that looks so good! i love breakfasst food so much!

  4. That food looks delicious! As for the walking to eat... I think it can be considered exercise! ;)

  5. so delicious! yummy! yummy!

  6. I would probably walk a good 8 miles for a brunch that looked like that
    sounds like fun! and looks yummy too
    xo Jessica

  7. YUMSSSS your brunch looks so delicious! i loveee eggs benedict yours looks amazing! and dude 8 miles IS exercise!! shizzz! hahahaha

  8. omg I live in the same area and I totally will have to check this brunch place!! thanks for the tips- I love finding new nosh-worthly spots in town.

  9. Fun to meet a fellow Stanford attendee!! I haven't been to La Boulange YET, but the food looks amazing and I think I'll now make it a point of going:)

    -Amanda at


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