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Speaking of Skies....

I should be in the sky right now,
reading magazines and listening to Eli Young Band's entire album.
I love the sky because...
It makes me feel so tiny.
It gives me perspective.
It makes me feel human.
I love flying through it.
I love sunsets & sunrises.
I love, love, love stars & constellations.
And I love that it gives me breathtaking moments like these:

*last three images are unedited

This post was meant to be published in the morning before I left for my flight back to Texas,
but my images were malfunctioning & I didn't get the chance to.
I found out about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting
in between my two flights on my way home.

When I heard, I was still on a plane,
and was surrounded by children around the same age as those who suffered today.
When I saw how little they are, how innocent...
I realized how scared and confused those little elementary school students must have been, 
and how hopeless their families must be feeling now -
and that's when I became devastated, disappointed, and angry.

There are no words.
Those kids, those families, those victims...
I can't even imagine.
It's astounding, it's heartbreaking.
It's unbelievable.
My thoughts and prayers are with them tonight.



  1. Ugh. The shooting was such a tragedy. I cannot even imagine what these families must be going through or what could ever provoke someone to be so violent. It's absolutely terrible. Those children had their whole lives ahead of them and did not deserve to leave the world this way. So heartbreaking. :(

    On a more positive note... I love your photos. They're gorgeous!

  2. beautiful saying for the terrible shooting !!

  3. Thank you Caroline :)
    Very beautiful pictures you take



  4. Thank you for my birthday wish!! Beautiful pictures!

  5. my heart goes out to those parents and those suffering as well as the ones in china! cannot believe two such devastating tragedies could occur around the same time of each other.

  6. These pictures really are breathtaking, Caroline.

    Yes...there really are no words...but prayers are sure to help with peace for the families.

  7. Hey that's a great sky collection :)

    I'll save some for my pc here at work where I could use a nice view ;)



  8. Mega prayers for all those littles - heart breaking.

    And beautiful pics coupled with a beautiful post.

  9. The shooting really is heartbreaking. My heart goes out to all those families affected by this tragedy. And may we also remember of those brave teachers who died trying to protect the young ones.

  10. The shooting is so very tragic. All those little angels and their families at this time of year is heartbreaking... On a lighter note, I do love flying. It's like nothing else in the world...
    Libby at


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