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Laugh With Me

Laugh With Me
Laugh With Me

Things That Keep Me From Going Insane...

Last night, I left my last meeting at 12:34am.
The day before, I conducted six straight hours of interviews.
It's a bit of a problem when classes are my brain-rest time. Classes.
I start my first day of (real) work tomorrow (woohoo, I feel so grown up!).

Needless to say, I've been busy productive. 
Oh and also... There's been a disastrous plague going around my suite & all of my friends.
It's beautiful.

Here's what's keeping me sane:

hello, pretty best friend! ...

& our Saturday best friend date nights to CoHo for salmon filet pasta, yum...

& baking brownies (from boxed mix, don't give me too much credit).
we added chocolate chips. & nutella. yes.

hello, half of Kylie's face :)

between the three of us & some other helpers...
we ate half the whole pan,
with lots and lots of milk.
and girl talk.

Kylie was also really smart and made ramen, 
which I tried to steal,
& she was nice enough to pretend that she didn't notice.
(eventually, she took it away from me, but I guess there's got to be a limit somewhere...)

soy dirty chai heals disease.
that's all i'm saying.
bikes and i still don't get along very well,
but we're patching up our relationship.

we've been having such pretty, fall weather lately.
(by the way, God must love the Tarheels because he made the sky Tarheel blue :P)

leopard print + polka dots + fallen leaves.

morning walks to class.
(it's amazing that i didn't get run over in the process of snapping this picture.)

this is our new lovely fountain on campus,
can't wait to frolic.

green! pretty buildings! nice people!

keep on keepin' on, y'all!



  1. I love seeing all the snap shots of your college experience! No shame in boxed brownies. We college students must do what we must!
    Libby at

  2. Cute leopard TBs!! :)

    xo - Sheila

  3. beautiful pics, especially the ones of the campus!

  4. ahhh i love stanford campus.. you guys have such a gorgeous campus so lucky! nomsss.. NUTELLA brownies that sounds divine!!! i adooore your leopard TB's sooo cute!! i have leopard TB's too.. but mine are much much darker in color!

  5. You have soo cute blog! check out my new post if you have timee :)

  6. haha y'all look like you're having a college talk show there on the ole couch

  7. WOW! Your campus is beautiful!!! What a gorgeous walk to take every day. And the salmon looks AMAZING!!!

    Thank you for your kind comment, the one you left over at His Little Lady. :) Glad to be a new reader of your blog and adventures!!!

  8. These pictures are seriously making me homesick! Only a little over a month until I'm back for T-giving!


  9. These pictures are so much fun. Campus looks great. Oh ant btw brownies always make me smile :)
    (reply) you should definitely study abroad it would definitely be a life changing experience.

  10. What are you conducting interviews for?? You need to REST this weekend!! (You can rest in those leopard print TBs...because they are way too cute to take off!)

    1. An organization I'm a part of - we were recruiting freshman! It was exhausting, but definitely worth it! :)

  11. You all are absolutely adorable! And stay clear of that plague. Sounds dangerous ;)
    xo TJ

  12. Love your flats! Always nice to count on friends to keep you sane..
    Following you on GFC now, hope you'll stop by our blog!


  13. is it weird that this makes me kinda miss stanford?
    love, jojobean

    1. we REALLY miss you. please come again! actually... please just move in with us!


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