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2018, So Far

There was an earthquake here in San Francisco last night! At around 2:30am, I was jolted into half-consciousness by intense rocking, just as my roommate burst into my room exclaiming that there must've been an earthquake. Upon hearing her and processing the situation, I... curled up deeper under the covers, and promptly fell right back asleep.

Needless to say, I'm now more than a little concerned about my survival instincts.

You might be thinking - what's the big deal? Aren't there hundreds of earthquakes in California every single day? To that I say, maybe BUT after six and a half years of living in the Bay Area, this is only the second one that I've actually felt... and the only one that's been as big a topic of conversation as it was at work today. Alas, I feel like a true Californian now!
The earthquake was really the only exciting update I had to share with you guys, but then I thought a little harder and decided there must've been other events from the past 5 days that could be considered passably interesting. Like...

The FOX show, The Gifted. Anyone watching? Our apartment is obsessed, and we've spent a fair portion of young 2018's ~120 hours glued to the TV. Let me know if you're addicted too because we need to discuss.

My company moved offices within the city - we're a few blocks down from our old digs, but the novelty has been great fun. New-to-us lunch spots, office nooks to claim, fresh city blocks to walk around.

The roommates and I have been binging on sweets and carbs something fierce. January hit and you'd think we'd be striving to make healthier choices, but in fact we've polished off a whole chocolate cake, lots of lasagna, pizza, chocolate, burritos, lemon cake, and I don't even want to keep listing items, because FOR SHAME. I'm going to blame this one on forbidden fruit and all that jazz. February will be our month.
A friend was visiting from out of the country last week, and we took her around to all the sights - Land's End to see the Golden Gate Bridge, downtown to ride a cable car, Japantown for ramen, and obviously Target for... anything she could possibly want. That's what I call truly immersing yourself in American culture!

We saw Pitch Perfect 3 and surprisingly, we all loved it! Also! I'm curious - are any of you a MoviePass holder? Do I need one?
Ironically, these photos were not taken this week, but a couple of months ago. The vibe still felt fitting - fun, and full of sweet and happy things. Plus also I spent $40 on tickets, ergo I spent $40 on these pictures, so they. will. be. used. 

$40 have not been spent on frivolous activities such as the Museum of Ice Cream in 2018, and I'm not saying that I deserve a pat on the back or anything but

*pats myself on the back*
Who knew so much could happen in 5 days?*

*Said only 60% sarcastically.

BRINGING IT BACK TO THE EARTHQUAKE THOUGH. Truly the only matter of importance.

Pray tell, what've you been up to? How's 2018 treating you so far?

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