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Moments I Freaking Miss Blogging

FIVE MONTHS LATER, am I reading that correctly?!

Five (five!!!) MONTHS without a peep from me here?

I know I've pulled a total Gone Girl (well actually I know nothing about Gone Girl except that I'm very likely using this reference totally inaccurately), but in the back of my mind, my blogging hiatus counter was at like, 2 months. Tops. But five months, wow.

Lest you think I've spent the last five months of my life doing something incredibly meaningful, I'd like to say right away that it was more like:

All day, errday.


... mostly.

Moving on. Clearly, I'm still trying to get back in the swing of things here.

I freaking miss documenting my life. Boo-freaking-hoo, I know, I know. But I do! The other day, I was thinking to myself that 2017 wasn't that spectacular of a year - in fact, it sucked on the world front, and wasn't all that memorable on a personal front. But then I started recounting highlights of the year and realized how much GOOD I was forgetting: new destinations, time with family, my new baby nephew who is pure joy, trips back to some of my favorite places, growing up alongside friends, San Francisco in all of its glory, and much more.

And those are only the highlights. There's much, much more - little moments here and there, moments where I've felt such an unbearable (albeit fleeting) urge to tap out some long-winded essays and/or upload photos that mark times where I've felt content or where I've paused and realized, learned, or savored something. Having a home for those reflections to live - that's what I miss most about blogging.

Moments like...

// when a friend's mom or a friend of a friend brings up the blog... when people who aren't on the forefront of my mind as a Perpetually Caroline reader talk to me about the blog, it always gives me the warm fuzzies knowing that they tune in every once in awhile.

// when a blogger re-capped her favorite posts of 2017, and I was like, well I guess my favorites would be ... the 2 that I actually posted? What are the highlights of my life in 2017, I can't even remember!!! Just kidding, I remember (somewhat) but dammit I want to be able to read about them in 2038 you know what I mean.

// adult moments like hitting up Marshall's after work to grab things like a new paper towel holder or a garbage disposal freshener, or and coming home from a Target run with a new shower caddy and liner and standing in the shower admiring it for a solid eight minutes... it's like, I'm an adult, does everyone realize this?! Then, nearly burning the house down the next day when making pasta. This is what happens when you get too smug.

// FML slash LOL situations (did I just age myself there) like when I had to go get a Hep A vaccine because I couldn't stay away from poke, or the pasta incident from above.

// when a friend snaps a picture of her dinner, and I don't and I don't even have the instinct to.

// when I force myself to go and do really cool, fun things like The Color Factory (an experience of color!) or The Magic Castle (INSANITY) and learned how to shuck an oyster and go to secret music shows and all I want to do is tell you guys all about it. Perhaps these last two months of 2017 will be playing catch-up around here, but who knows.

// when I hummed the Harry Potter theme song and rocked my nephew to sleep and it was quite honestly one of the sweetest, absolute best moments of my life and I just wanted to be able to remember it forever. That, I don't think I'll ever need to write down because I've tucked it away safe and sound in my mind, but hey - a back-up copy never hurts.

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