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Laugh With Me
Laugh With Me

The Moments That Come With Healing Powers

ICYMI, I've been a shriveled up ball of sickness and totally not being a big baby about it. The plague has made its way 'round these parts – my sister had strep, all of my roommates are ill [coughing fits routinely reverberate around the apartment at 6am], my coworkers have been sniffy as well.

I'm sick of the sicknesses!

Luckily, this weekend was chock full of panacea. Medications much more effective than NyQuil, and at this rate, I'll be handing these prescriptions out like I have the degrees to do so!
Ones like... stuffing ourselves silly during a sweets tour in the Marina. My friend Leah and I joined my roommate Susan on a detour tour [have you tried one?] and I, of course, insisted we partake in the one that led us straight into the bakeries and cafes of one of my favorite SF neighborhoods.

Steaming hot pho at one of our neighborhood joints.

Harry Potter marathons. I demanded one of these after both Leah and Susan let me know they've only seen a couple of the Potter movies. Susan even offered, "but I mean I already know the ending. Doesn't he graduate?"

Hanna: ...... don't worry, I already have Sorcerer's Stone ready to go.
Cinnamon rolls.

Wrecking Ball coffee, one of my must stops. The next day, we passed by the same area and Leah helpfully pointed out, oh look! It's that Bulldozer place you like so much!

Long walks and long talks around the neighborhood.

The best house guest ever who not only makes us all pasta, but does the dishes too.
Sleeping in.

Signing up for a new social media app with a group of friends and discovering the features together. Do you guys have Peach yet? It's a hoot. Add me if you're on it: @prptlycaroline.

Playing a round of Head's Up (Act It Out deck!) with your most expressive friends. 
Getting up at the crack of dawn for an indulgent breakfast at the most hoppin' place around: Plow. If it looks familiar, it's because this is my third visit in like two months.

Walking the Golden Gate Bridge! What a beauty!
Yell-talking and reminiscing until we were gasping for breath in hysterics.

Coming across cute little farmers markets in Fort Mason.

Dog beaches and thirty minutes spent jumping for self-timer photos in front of the Bridge.
Sharing an umbrella on a very rainy, very windy day. We got soaked. The umbrella repeatedly threatened to whip away, but we persevered. 

Walking all the way from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge, to home. That's all of fourteen! miles! My calves... are burning.
Naps. All the naps.

Leah slave-driving me into finally cleaning my room and doing my laundry. It's been awhile and it was lookin' a bit concerning.

She also made my bed.

(I told you she's a great house guest.)
Sharing Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie and then regretting that we didn't buy another pint.

Sushi delivery. Give me all the crunchy tuna rolls!
Sitting on Hanna's bed and having girl talk for hours.

Did I say naps already? What about lattes? and watching Harry Potter all weekend long?

Are all of my bases covered?
Needless to say, I am cured of any and all ailments, and am brainstorming ways of bottling some of this goodness into a potion that'd make me filthy rich and forever healthy. 

Happy Monday!! Do you have the day off?


  1. It always confuses me when people haven't seen all of the Harry Potter movies and/or haven't read the that was my whole childhood/adolescence! Glad that you're feeling better!

  2. Holy cow! You make sick seem awesome! I can't believe how much you can jam into a weekend! Good for you! Friends, fun and laughter make everything better. Throw in some quality time outside and Bam . . . cure all the ails! So glad you had so much fun!

  3. you're not sick. i see that cake. NO ONE CAN BE SICK WHEN THERE IS CAKE LIKE THAT. or when they walk 14 miles. I CALL NONSENSE. but maybe it was the Harry Potter that saved you.

  4. The Golden Gate - yes, I would have probably walked the 14 miles too (totally out of shape) but c'mob - a beautiful walk like that! YES PLEASE! I just have to live through your photos. LOL.


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