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Laugh With Me
Laugh With Me

I Asked My Friends What They Think I'm Obsessed With

... and now I'm not speaking to them because APPARENTLY I'm too busy being obsessed with "doing nothing."

Am I arguing that it's inaccurate? ...well, no, I guess not.

But really, guys, if you ever find yourself in a fit of boredom... do as I did and nag those who know you best incessantly until they reply because you will find yourself in tears of mirth at just how well they know you. Hats off, sistahs.

I asked seven people what they thought I'm most obsessed with. Below, I've ranked them by how often they appeared across lists, with particularly interesting notes included. I've added my own commentary in pink.

Free food. Because every other kind of food sucks, I'm assuming.
Quality desserts. 
Fast food runs with friends. 
Mac and cheese from Axe and Palm. Freshman year obsession, but obsession indeed.
Ice cream.
Food. Most people went general and simply wrote "food," which I appreciate because yes, I'd like it to be known that I don't discriminate when it comes to all things edible. I eat it all. Happily.


Hulu. This intrigues me because actually I'm an equal opportunist when it comes to TV. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, regular cable, not-so-legal streaming on the Internet. But sure.
Bad TV shows that are so good. 
Good 30-minute television comedies. Make up your minds, people.
Friends.... (the show). I like this clarification because obviously the other kind of friends is not as obsess-worthy.
Shoreline movie theater. Two words: reclining seats.
Gilmore Girls.

CELEBRITIES, with emphasis on ROYALTY:
Celeb gossip.
Celebrities. Hot gossip.
The royal family.
Kate Middleton.
Empowered female celebrities. (She has such faith in me.)
TV celebrities.
Chinese history.
14th brother. So these last two are in reference to my deep love of Chinese TV dramas and related fanfiction about ancient Chinese dynasties and the royal families who ruled them. 14th brother is my favorite Qing dynasty prince. #nerd
Getting ice cream with two of the suckers who participated.

Instant coffee and/or coffee. Important differentiation.
Coffee (formerly Starbucks). Yes and yes, although I still won't say no to a Starbucks run. It's just five minutes too far.
That tea that I never remember that they serve at Stanford. She means Coupa Cafe's Tiger Spice Chai aka BAE.
Slowly drinking coffee throughout the morning.

Being in bed. Yep.
Being in sweatpants. Mmhmm.
Napping. Indeed, my friend. Indeed.
Sleeping. Correct.
Doing nothing. Literally.
Being cozy. The nicest way to put it.
Snuggling in bed under the covers. I don't disagree.
Hammocks. I think she would like to clarify, hammocks: in which to nap.

Posting pictures of friends and/or good moments. I don't see you complaining.
Calligraphy, or whatever that thing is called. She means my brief hand-lettering / brush pen phase.
Getting things for free. Life hacks. She's talking about winning blog giveaways.
Fancy things. These are the things I use / want for blog purposes because in all other scenarios, I'm in sweatpants [see above].
Discount clothing. I think she means sales, but okay. Didn't know where else to put this one but again, I really only get dressed to go to work and for the blog.

Kitties and/or doggies.
Our cousin's daughter. Oh my word, I love her to bits and pieces.
Your nephews. Of the four-legged variety. I love them to bits and Greenies pieces.
Mischievous cats.

Harry Potter.
Harry Potter x3. Well, x500 million if you want to be precise about it.
Walking around SF.
Walking around the city with no plans. *No plans, except to find food along the way

Europe. Take me back!
Wandering around a city not really with a goal other than to just wander, chat, and look at things. She nailed this one. I'm buying her a bag of Hot Cheetos as a reward because this one gave me the warm fuzzies.
Walking around the city with no plans. Repeating this because it's applicable to more than just SF.


SO far off base because the highlight of my week totally wasn't remembering that I left a whole season of Awkward unwatched and proceeding to binge through every single last episode (calm down everyone, they were 20 minutes each) in the course of one night. While in bed. With a steaming bowl of (free) ramen. I had one cup of instant coffee and a latte from my favorite cafe next to work (not Starbucks) today. On normal days, I'll have at least one more cup. I'm in sweatpants as I write this, which I had changed immediately into after work. I get up an hour before I have to every morning just to read blogs and stay up late to write mine, and go through social media on my commute. I think the reason so many of them put Instagram is because when I'm on the train or in the car or sitting on the couch with them sometimes, I'll literally say, "shh, I'm reading my Instagram. Bother me in an hour." The best part of today was finding a new Buzzfeed roundup of Harry Potter jokes and watching a cute video of kittens. Saturday morning, I wake at the crack of dawn to fly to LA to wander aimlessly. But I'll be taking a break at around 4:30pm to cheer on STANFORD as we beat USC.

My people – they didn't do half bad, did they?

A few things that I'm surprised didn't make an appearance: Tarheels basketball, Chipotle (I mean REALLY, guys?!), carbs, gin & tonics or champagne whichever is in closer reach, stargazing, Target, and snuggling in bed in sweatpants – oh, wait.


  1. This is such clever idea! My friends have made comments before about how much I like to lay in my bed, and at first I was offended and thought they were all wrong....but then I realized that I usually watch Netflix/Hulu/Youtube in bed, I blog from bed, and I love to lay there and scroll through IG/Twitter. Usually in a endlessly rotating cycle, only interrupted by sleep and food (I guess school and work too). Also yes x infinity to Harry Potter for me too!

  2. This is a WONDERFUL idea. I may have to do it myself on the blog! Although I already can think of a thing I'm sure 99% of my friends will say (One Direction) but it will be funny to see what else they come up with. I laughed at the "Bascially doing nothing, but comfortably" section.

  3. Omg I love this idea! And come on, who isn't obsessed with Gilmore Girls?

    Lauren :)

  4. What a fun idea for a post, I might have to do this as well!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. I seriously want to make you my BFF. You seriously remind me of one of my kids... except she's a freshman at USC (the shame!!).... No shame in your sweatpant game!! And yes - who isn't obsessed with Gilmore Girls??

  6. I love this post its so fun I am echoing Kelly I want to do this one too!!


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