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What Do You Say We Make This A GSD Week? (Resources Included!)

If you are anything like me, today's the day it all starts going downhill. The "new year, new me" high is slowly brought down by the stark, sad, white Starbucks cups, a routine Monday work day, Christmas trees left out on street corners, wilted leaves at meals, and the miserable, annoying TIME TO BE A GYM BUNNY alarm that's anything but fitspirational!

If we get this week going properly, we'll have the motivation to give our pretty little 2015 a great foundation on which to blossom. This week, I'm giving myself five overarching organizational goals, which can be broken down into actionable components. My plan is to focus on one goal per day, and hopefully be on solid footing by the end of the week. A juice cleanse for my mental health, if I may?

Five Things I'm Doing This Week

Making sure I'm set for graduation -
I'm ... double-checking and triple-checking major and minor credits to make sure I'm all set.
I'm ... e-mailing advisors and department coordinators to set up meetings this week to make sure I'm all set on their end.

Financial budgeting -
I'm ... setting up Mint for my credit cards to keep track of spending / monthly budgets.
I'm ... paying off credit card bills a bit early so I can start on a clean slate, re-routing appropriate deposits, and updating passwords (you can never be too safe!).

-Purging my social media accounts-
I'm ... going through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter and unfollowing those who: I don't know, don't add value to my life, or are constantly negative. We follow a lot of people due to giveaways, and while we find gems through that process, there are also people that end up in our feeds who we don't particularly click with. Gots to go.

-Setting actionable blog goals-
I'm ... finding and printing an editorial calendar that works for me.
I'm ... updating all of my social media accounts with the right links and photos.
I'm ... deciding to blog three times a week.

-Desktop and Google Drive / iCloud organization-
I'm ... deleting everything I don't need for reference, keepsake, or inspiration.
I'm ... making folders in which everything can be sorted into (this quarter's classes, next quarter's classes, work, extracurriculars, job-hunting, etc).

Ten Suggestions For You To Choose From

1 // Making appointments (dentist, doctor, optometrist, check-in's at work, etc).

2 // Purging your closet (donate, throw away, dry cleaners, seasonal storage) and/or your pantry (getting rid of expired goods, things you know you'll never eat, most junk food – but keep a treat or two!) – and making a new and approved grocery list!
+ an awesome Buzzfeed list on closet organization.

3 // Putting together a fitness schedule.
+ a great planner by The Nectar Collective

4 // Writing thank you and "just because" cards.
+ Thank You notes modern etiquette

5 // Cleaning up your phone (contacts, apps, notes/reminders).

6 // Writing lists of books to read, movies to watch, and new activities you might want to try.
+ I want to do this fun reading challenge!

7 // Getting to inbox zero (and thinking up a system for tackling e-mails in 2015). 
+Smart suggestions from The College Prepster.
+A genius (free) tool that lets you unsubscribe from all kinds of annoying e-mails at once!

8 // Sorting through your Spotify.

9 // Evaluating your monthly subscriptions (unsubscribing from those you're bored of, and perhaps seeing if you need two of each type: do you need Pandora One AND Spotify Premium? Three pet boxes? Hulu Plus AND Netflix? If yes, then by all means keep it!).

10 // Polishing your resume!
+Whitney's great guide to a creative (and pretty) resume.

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  1. I need to go through my social media accounts as well. That's a great idea. I've been meaning to do that.


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