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Laugh With Me
Laugh With Me

Letters, NYC Edition

dear new yorkers,
why do you always always always have headphones in?
walking the streets, riding the subway, a white cord leading into your pocket or purse.
i tried it for the first time today, and i think i get it a little bit.
a) blocks out the frantic honking, the homeless' harassing, 
b) turn the music lower & there's great eavesdrop material, and 
c) personal movie montage music. boom.

dear women of new york,
i'm super into the whole walking speedily around town in rubber flip flops,
and then doing the quick change into glam heels somewhere between the subway and the office chair.

dear men of new york,
swoooooooon. you are so impeccably dressed.

dear channing tatum,
i thought i sat across from you on the subway the other day. i'm still not sure if i was staring you
or some poor, magic mike-esque stranger down. either way, i don't regret it.

dear expensive, teeny tiny apartment with no a/c,
strangely, i'm a bit smitten with you. very strangely.

dear turkey confit sandwich at little collins,
intern friend said you made her top 10 list of best sandwiches ever.
i think she's speaking the truth.

dear rain,
don't listen to all the naysayers. i quite like you and the breeze you bring.
but take a chill pill on the lightning, that's the psycho side of your personality.

dear subway,
you host the most interesting people! 
but, really, 5pm and 6pm on the dot = BANE OF MY EXISTENCE.

dear magnolia bakery banana pudding,
it takes some patience standing in line to get to you,
but you, my dear, are worth it times a million.

dear air,
you reek of garbage. let's consider some city-wide febreze.

dear best friends,
hurry here, hurry here, hurry here.

dear pretty little liars 100th episode,
i've been waiting 99 episodes to see you. you were so good.
wait how did this one get in here?


  1. I've heard so much about that banana pudding and OH how much I want to try some!! And I would definitely tell myself I saw Channing Tatum ;)
    xo TJ

  2. One day I will experience some of this NYC goodness...especially that Banana Pudding!! I absolutely love following along on your adventures and new life in the Big Apple! :)

  3. I absolutely love this list - I POWER walk almost two miles everyday to the office with headphones in listening to my book tape wearing Rainbow sandals. I have an assortment of heels and flats under my desk that I immediately switch to and I always avoid the subway at rush hour!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. Oh, my jealousy I have right now! I have never been to NYC. You had me cracking up about Channing Tatum. HAHA! So funny! So glad I just saw your blog :)

  5. Hi Caroline,
    I just found your website. I haven't been to NYC yet (or even USA). Your post was a great read and very well written, it made me smile and now I really want to visit NYC. I have heard about the Magnolia bakery and their red velvet cake and the banana pudding sounds great as well.
    Kind regards
    Aimee :)


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