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You Know Your Roommate Is A Blogger When...

Do you guys still remember my roommate/best friend/soul sister, Cassandra? (You might want to say yes, or else she will probably cry.)
Back at Stanford, I'm usually with her every second of every day. People do a double take if they see one of us without the other. She's been on this blog more than a few times, and also plays a huge behind-the-scenes role in being my reluctant photographer and constant reader/commenter/supporter.

Well, she had a few things to say about what it's like living and being friends with a blogger. Let's see if you agree!


I'm baaaaack!

It's me! The infamous 'roommate.' Better known as 'the person responsible for like 80% of Caroline's pictures.' You're welcome. I know you all just LOVE the sub-par photography skills I have graced your precious blog-reading-time with. (Except now that she's abroad, I'm afraid that I cannot take credit for any of these b-e-a-UTIFUL photographs). 
Caroline: this is irrelevant, but I like her because she surprises me with coffee and food sometimes.

Alas, I have been forced into writing chosen to write this post because I know you all can completely relate (and if not you, then hand it to the person you live with. They'll get it.).

YOU KNOW YOUR ROOMMATE (significant other/best friend) IS A BLOGGER WHEN...

1. Every single meal is accompanied with a side of "WAIT STOP... I need a picture".

Hold up... you NEED a picture? No, Caroline. I NEED to eat this. I am starving. I already spent 2 hours waiting for you to get dressed, do you hair, makeup, etc. I am now about to die of hunger. (Did I mention that I might be a tad overdramatic)? 
Caroline's Confession: I make Cassandra arrange/style my food and then take pictures of me.
Caroline: I also like her because she buys me magazines with Jennifer Lawrence on the cover sometimes. AND she stood on a wobbly chair to get the perfect shot.

2. As I mentioned above... an excessive amount of time is put into getting ready to go out in public NOT because she is worried she'll see somebody she knows but because every outing quickly turns into a photo-op at a moment's notice. 

I can't complain too much about this because I too fall into this category (I am, after all, merely mortal... and female) but it is very noticeable when the other 99% of the time said blogger and I comfortably live in sweats and sports bras - except on those blessed days we try to spice it up with some yoga pants. 
Normal class outfit.
Blog class outfit.

3. Needless to say, he/she is addicted to blogging... or maybe just very, very dedicated to his/her blog. For example: I was supposed to write this post a long time ago and I finally got around to it... but in the meantime, Caroline put together 'her own version' of this post. Which included her own list. 

In the words of Caroline:

"Remember to include that one time - you know, about the kitten. When I kept saying I wanted a cat and you said 'you only want a cat so you can blog about it.' Yeah, make sure you put that one in there."

Do you just want to write this post, Caroline?
Caroline: Well MAYBE, because this is what happens when you try to.

4. You start becoming educated on completely (irrelevant yet) random concepts ranging anywhere from world travel to fashion to child raising. 

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard "okay, so there is this restaurant in [insert random country/state/city] that we absolutely have to try." Very rarely is said restaurant within a reasonable driving distance. BUT, I must admit, I do have many a recommendations for others who are traveling to these extravagant places (it makes me sound well travelled and hip and knowledgable).
Caroline: Let's not forget about where I learned about BiRite. (It was technically because my sister told me, but a lot of bloggers like BiRite too.)

5. You love him/her so, so much because of how much time they spend documenting important things happening in your shared life. If your beloved blogger is anything like Caroline, then they spend an inordinate amount of time putting together these wonderful blog post for others to enjoy! (And it's always so much fun to go back and revisit your life in blog form). 
Bonus: He/she tries to convince you to do silly things just because it would look good on the blog. i.e. "you should totally buy a kitten even though I'm leaving you for Oxford for 15 weeks". 
Caroline: oh, you DON'T like pets, then?
Caroline: I also post sentimental social media things on her accounts.

Extra Bonus: You find yourself being able to hold conversations about people you have never met before - "oh my gosh, did you see Aspiring Kennedy's post about that museum?" 

Can you see why I (sometimes) (most of the time) love her so much? Next, we should have my other bestie/current overseas roommate contribute. I bet she has a lot to add.


  1. ahahahaha i love this. this is so spot on. also, Cassandra, maybe you should start a blog?!

  2. This is too fun, sweet, adorable and so TRUE!! I think Ross could have written this exact same thing about me!! Gotta love us crazy bloggers!!

  3. This was such a fun and sweet, sweet read! I definitely had a few giggles throughout. Friends/roommates are the best when they totally understand your "i need to blog this situation." Blog class outfit versus normal class outfit was my fave! Been there many, many times for photo-op purposes haha!

  4. I laughed out loud when I read you wanted to get a kitten so you could blog about it. Hahahaha. But so much of this is true.

  5. Your roommate is the cutest! Loved and laughed through this entire post ;)
    xo TJ

  6. such a cute post! and us bloggers love our unnecessary food photos.
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  7. Nice pics I never had a roomate !

  8. Gosh, i love that sweat pant. Keep rocking.


  9. Oh my goodness YES. Yes to all of this. One time I seriously contemplated studying abroad solely because I wanted to blog about it. Same goes for my idea of a birthday road trip. Haha! My friends could easily vouch for so many of these for me (but none would probably write about it for me). Y'all are awesome and hilarious!


  10. Great post! I love your photography, what camera do you use?
    Beth x

  11. What a lovely post :) You can tell you two have a great time together!

    Jenna ||


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