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The Horse Outside My Window Is Normal, Right?

Happy Monday, beautifuls - I hope your weekends were swell, and your Monday will be even swell(er). 

I thought I'd pause the China posts {not that there are too many of those left} for a day and instead recap my weekend. Because I know you are all just dying to know what a college student does over a weekend. Here's a clue: it went exactly as you thought it would go - it involved frats, pizza, and textbooks.


Because Friday morning and early afternoon were so full of errands, Kylie and I treated ourselves to Philz Coffee as a reward for a day productively spent. Have you NorCal dwellers ever been here? Its "Ecstatic Iced Coffee" is gold-star deserving and puts my girl Starbucks to shame, which says a lot about how terrific it is because I don't give up my overpriced, oversugared 'bucks for any coffee. 

Friday night, on the other hand, was plain and simple - a hot mess. It started out with good hair and best friends, and it ended... with a phone in the toilet (not mine, sorry Cass), too-loud Miley Cyrus songs and really strange frat decorations (a wall-sized mustache made out of Christmas lights? Hello, I don't see what you're going for here?), and detours to see even more friends before going home for a nice, looooong sleep.


Such a nice, long sleep in fact, that we all slept in and missed breakfast, lunch, and snacks(2x). So Cassandra and I caught up with Leah on her way to the library and tricked her into driving to San Francisco with us and KB.

Next stereotypically college thing on the weekend list? Pizza.

This is a pizza place that the softball girls have heard about from their trainer for ages, so it's long been on our Must Visit List. And oh, was it worth the two hour there and back drive (the traffic! Holy goodness SF, who do you think you are? LA?).

So the pizza had the potential to be some classy stuff, but I think ultimately our behavior sabotaged us. See, it's this really nice pizza joint in San Francisco called Tony's, maybe you've heard of it, I think it's semi-famous. Everything was fine and dandy, except because of cell phone troubles and traffic and finding good parking, we didn't get seated until maybe 3:30 and we hadn't had a lick of food the entire day.

Gone in .23498 seconds flat. But literally.


Give us our pizza, and we're some happy kids.

Margherita Pizza - they only make 73 a day, and the recipe apparently won some pizza-making contest in Naples, Italy. It was delicious and all, but my main question is - who exactly picked the number 73? Not 70, or 75, or 100?

The New Yorker - amazing, amazing, amazing. End of story.
The ricotta. It kills you in the most heavenly way.

Famished as we were and dressed sloppily in sweats as we were, we probably seemed like high-class hobos. As in, we considered ravaging leftover pizza from the trash, and we finished the complimentary garlic bread before the waiter could even walk away from the table, and the four of us attacked the two large pizzas, and didn't have enough wits about us to figure out how to split the bill evenly... so yes, all of this might have led to our de-throning as the epitome of class. 

After this, it went something like: go to Safeway to buy gelato, watch the football game on TV with a group of chill pills while eating the aforementioned gelato, and then after we were winning by quite a margin (Go Card!), we went on to watch Orange Is The New Black. #Obsessed #LikeTheRestOfTheWorld


Studied in Starbucks until we couldn't anymore. I believe that there is a point in every study sesh when everyone just gives up. It's not usually verbally stated, but when things like this start happening, you know it's all over.

{I was explaining blogging giveaways to Cassandra, and this is what I found in my inbox. Ha. Ha.}

Also, I understand that this post was mostly about pizza. Sorry. So here's a picture of a horse that just walked by my window.

Peace out.

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  1. We went to Capo's (the same owner as Tony's) when we were in SF and loved it! Have you ever been?!

  2. I only had soup for dinner, and this post has made me hungry! That pizza looks aaaamazing.

    Looks like a great weekend :-)

    Hmm maybe...

  3. YUMMM! I've been dying for a good slice!

    xo Lisa | Making Life's Lemons

  4. Sounds like me and my friends! haha The food looks delicious, wish I could have that right now.


  5. Haha, 73 a day? That is SO random but it looks SO delicious!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  6. What a fun weekend! The pizza looks delicious!

  7. How fun! And I agree w/ everyone else - that pizza looks SO good!

  8. i can't even have a sip of philz or i'll have heart palpitations i think. so strong!

  9. Sounds like such a fun weekend!...that pizza looks amazing!!!

  10. I am so jealous you got to go to Tony's! I heard the pizza is to-die for there.


  11. omg philz. so, so, so good. i wish i could have it everyday! they need to open more locations.

  12. Love seeing what you do on the weekends. And why do we suddenly want to have pizza for dinner? Hmmm...:-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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