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Cousins' Day Out

As the youngest of the cousins on my mom's side,
and by a good six years at least,
I suffered through my fair share of good-natured torture getting set straight,
when I was a little girl.

But even then, and especially now,
I have certainly reaped in the benefits.
Most of my cousins are only children in their families,
and so when I come to visit China,
I get so spoiled, I'm practically a rotten egg.
Although two of them have their own kids now, one's in Shanghai, one's in the US,
and one's busy with medical school and her residency,
they all find the time to come save me from my boredom and take me out to
do all sorts of fun things - and I swear they probably work out a Caroline schedule
between the few of them, and mathematically space out individual fun days with them,
so that I'm never at risk of a major hissy fit for long. (Because, cough, why would that happen?)

Of course the kiddy kid kid comes along all the time - she's our family mascot.

Last week, my smarty of a future doctor cousin took us out for some
truly outrageous Korean BBQ. We overindulged with fatty beef and fatty pork
(for fatty humans, it's only fitting), mushrooms, seafood soup, seaweed soup,
vegetable vermicelli, seafood pancake, various kimchis, the most bomb sauces ever,
and a few leaves to make us feel like our arteries wouldn't completely clog.

And as if that wasn't enough to make me want to lay in a fetal position 
until dinner for a few days, my cousin really extended her lunch break,
and took us out for my very, very, very favorite treat in all of China (I was
about to say the world, but then I remembered french fries, and cupcakes,
and BiRite, and ten million other things):

Mango ice!

We slurped these up at Guoran HK, but the queen of mango ice is found
at Hui Lau Shan - they're mostly in Hong Kong, but I heard from a little birdy
(Yelp) that there is a sister store in San Francisco. Come September,
I'll be all over that bugger. Anyway, mango ice is a delicious combination
of shaved ice, mangoes, mango ice cream, mango syrup, tapioca balls
of various sizes and textures, and sometimes other special additions such
as lychee shavings, coconut milk, various jellies, or anything to your liking really!

I'm off to do a crunch or maybe three if I'm feeling crazy.
Happy Monday!


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  1. I've had something similar to the Mango ice at a farmer's market here in Utah. It was delicious! Our Fairy Tale

  2. glad to hear your're having fun.

  3. drool omg looks SOOOO SO GOOD!! dying over your korean BBQ and OMGG the mango ice w/ mochi balls looks so refreshing and yummy!!

  4. i'm lad you're having so much fun and you're getting spoled (does it EVER get old ???)

  5. This made my mouth water! The food looks awesome and it looks like you had great company too hehe.

  6. All this food looks so delicious!! Looks like such a great time!

  7. All this food looks so delicious!! Looks like such a great time!

  8. That mango ice sounds AMAZING! Mango is my favorite fruit if I found this dish here in the states I would do some serious damage lmao

  9. Wow! All of that food looks so so good!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  10. What a great day of family fun you seemed to have! That food looks delish.


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