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Whoopsies // And That's A Wrap!

Well, this week turned out to be quite the unintentional break!
And by "unintentional," I'm saying that it was as far from a "break" as you can get -

unless you consider hauling my life in several boxes to storage,
minimizing the rest of my life into two suitcases,
taking some KILLER finals + writing several pages in essays,
lugging what felt like two bags of bricks to and through the airport(s),
and having to say goodbye to my room and some of my very favorite people -

to be a real break.

(And if you do think such silly thoughts,
then hit me up because this girl just officially declared in Psychology!
I will psycho-analyze you until you can't think straight!)

Goodbye, sweet room. You've been so good to me.

my main crew // photo credit: Carl.

efficient? yes. // legal? ...maybe.

But at the same time, I have to say... 
there were some pretty up-there moments this week as well.

Our chef, our amazing Frank-Frank-Frank, gave up his weekend
to come and cook for us throughout (studying for) Finals;
he makes breakfast for all of our dorm complex which is around 200 people -
and he knows every single one of our orders by heart (and the eggs are bomb).

he admonishes us when we skip breakfast too,
and generally made school feel even more like home.

By some kind of serendipity, I managed to see every single one of my
favorite people at school, the morning of the day that I left, or the evening prior.
That didn't happen any other day through the year!

at dinner the night before we left,
we ran into SO MANY of our freshman dorm friends!

A study break for the Class of 2015,
because s'mores and free In-N-Out make finals seem that much more bearable.
(Thank you for a great year, suitemates. Y'all rock my socks off.)
(Honorable mention to Karen, Kate, Brooke, and Laura -
none of them were here for the whole year, but we loved them all!)

sorry it's wonky - couldn't change it to right side up for the life of me!

Airport survival skills: even after not having a meal all day,
and only having time for one treat -
go for the Fenton's ice cream and a girly magazine.

Flying into a big city at night is pretty special-
it's like the Peter Pan Disneyland ride where you can see all of 
itty-bitty London-town and it's all twinkly lights and silence
 because everyone's so flabbergasted.

I mean, this was slightly less realistic than that, 
but flying almost eye-to-eye with the Houston skyline,
was so magical... that I forgot to take pictures.

Finally, I saved the best for last.
(And not a moment too soon.)
Off to catch up on my girls, some blogs, 
and also sneak in some snuggles with the fam
(all together for the first time since Christmas hooray!).

Happy Summer 2013!


  1. Have a great summer!

  2. BAH! So excited PLL is back!! Have a wonderful stummer!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  3. looks like so much fun..good luck on all your finals, and happy summer!

  4. aww so bittersweet!! bet your glad to be home though!

  5. agh, this makes ME ache for school - and I got out a month ago! end of sophomore year always seems like a shakier ending than freshman...I don't know how I feel about it!


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