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June Favorite Things

And just like that, we say adios to June.
Honestly, it's a bit frightening.

I'm a little late to the game, but am still going to play it nonetheless.
A few of my favorite things from this spicy little month:

Major quality time with the parental units.
I think there's a U-shaped pattern in regards to 
the relationship between the older you get, and the amount of fun you have with your parents.
Now that I'm officially out of my teens (by 71 days, holla at me y'all),
we are well on our way back up on the fun-meter.
We're at the adult equivalent of the peek-a-boo stage - life is good.

{My mom squeezes fresh grapefruit juice for me every morning,
from grapefruits that my dad picks from the tree in our backyard.}

Discovering new blogs.
Sometimes, I see a blog for the first time and it's like bam!
Where have you been all my life,
and can we be best friends immediately please?
Others... it's like falling in love over a length of time,
as I read through the archives and get a really good sense of who the blogger really is.
Some new favorites:

New goodies for my closet.
I finally scored a couple of plain maxi skirts for the summer (in black and coral!),
and these lovely jelly flats from J. Crew-

Yes, I'm standing on a treadmill.
No, I still don't know what function it serves.

This is my "friendship wall" with Cassandra -
it was the very last thing we took down when we were moving out.
We threw the whole thing in the dumpster very dramatically,
final-scene-in-a-reality-show style.
More than anything, I'm thankful for this girl as well as my other friends from school -
I'm missing them like crazy, but am so happy that our year was a great success.
More than excited for all that's yet to come!


Finally booking our tickets to China!
We're off to spend some time with family, and hopefully
squeeze in some good food also, in a few weeks!

Be kind to us, July!


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  1. Oh wow! Traveling to China, how exciting is that! You HAVE to post pictures.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  2. Its a little scary how fast we hit the mid year mark isnt it! China will be a fantastic trip, I would love to travel there one day :)

  3. How have I never had grapefruit juice before? Must. Fix. This. Immediately.

  4. Enjoy China!

  5. i was literally wondering if see jane still blogged. she started out blogging when i did, but once she deleted me a couple years ago, i lost tough with her blog!

  6. Wow!! When are you going to China? And it's so soon as you get out of your teenage years, your parents start becoming fantastic all over again. I'm loving those flats!!! So, super cute. I need to check out those blogs...I totally trust your opinion. What draws you to a blog?

  7. you are so spot on about the u shaped relationship with parents. this past mother's day, my mom and i were talking about how 5 years ago we couldn't stand to be in the same room for more than 3 minutes and now we work at the same school, spend lots of time together at home, and voluntarily go out for drinks and what have you haha. it's a wonderful thing to be close to parents! (especially ones who fresh squeeze grapefruit juice for you - um, yum!)

  8. love your list!



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