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The Rite Way: BiRite Creamery

How do you know if a place has good life-changing ice cream?
A) If you are willing to drive two hours total to get to it.
B) If you withstand bone-chillingly cold weather in just shorts and tee's for it.
C) If you patiently stand in a twenty minute just for an itty bitty taste of it.
D) All of the above.

The answer is D), people.
The answer is also, if it's called Bi-Rite Creamery... just go.

{hi mom, stop spazzing - we were parked.}

My choices: ricanela & malted vanilla.
I swear, it might've been one of the top 10 favorite moments alive on this Earth,
right behind the very first time I tried Bi-Rite.

Take that however you want.

Memorable events of the day to note:

*Woke up at 6:30am to take Skyler to the airport,
drove about 1.5 hours w/ the roomie in the morning,
had breakfast,
and made it in the nick of time to class.

*Happy birthday (yesterday!) to Skyler & Leah!
Crepevine & a candy store with Skyler,
and Yogurtland and boba tea w/ Leah.
Is it their birthday or mine?

*As a psychology major,
I majorly geeked out today.
Philip Zimbardo {of Stanford Prison Experiment fame}
guest-lectured my Social Psychology class,
in the classroom right next to the location of the experiment.
It was incredibly surreal - what an occasion.

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. We are always drooling at your posts!! :-) That ice cream looks amazing!! Love your photos as always!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Look at that line of people!!!! Is it really that good? I feel like I might have to fly out there just for some of this ice cream!

  3. omg I LOOOOOVE BiRite! Haven't been there in so long. These photos definitely make me want to go back!!

    xox Lara

  4. Would do anything for ice cream! The last cruise me and my mom did, we got out JUST to get ice cream lol It's ALWAYS worth it!
    Great shots! Full of details! Loved it!


  5. haha, love their 'come on in boys&squirrels' sign. so cute.
    xoxo Aimee

  6. Ice-cream is my thing so I feel like it is absolutely necessary for me to try this kind. Worth a trip across the country?!

  7. Lovely pictures! You ladies look lovely.


  8. Wow, that must be a very good ice cream :) I have Tutti Frutti (frozen Yogurt) fortunately 5 mins away but if I had to drive 2hrs... I would.!
    You all look very happy. Nice pictures.
    Thanks for stopping by,
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    * Bloglovin *

  9. Wao, that indeed must be like the best ice cream!! I wish I could taste it myself, it looks delish!

  10. really enjoyed those pictures! that ice cream looks really yuuuummmy:)
    and you guys are sooo cute together!
    lots and lots of love from switzerland!

  11. Delish!!! Wish we had that here in the O.C. They just opened a Sprinkles Ice Cream here....not too good in my opinion! Too sweet. And you can put one of their famous Sprinkles cupcakes on it which makes it grossly sweet! I'll just salivate looking at your ice cream pics.


  12. I love this post - how amazing it must have been to take a mini road trip in the name of getting a bit of ice cream. Memory making for sure, and you girls all look so happy!



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