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Laugh With Me

08/30: Picture Perfect

Day 8 of the Blogging Challenge:
a few of the best pictures you've ever taken.

I'm not sure if this prompt is referring
to the best pictures I've ever taken or,
to the best pictures ever taken of me.

I'll go with neither (such a rebel),
and instead use this as an opportunity to show you guys
a couple really awesome pictures
that my friend Carl took last week.

I'm in most of them -
that counts, right?

These pictures were taken at the top of the Stanford Observatory,
which technically we aren't allowed to be at.

But after a few exhausting hours of coding programs,
nothing sounds better than some fresh air with some best friends.

... and with views like these,
and a friendship like this one,
who really cares what the "rules" are?

I live for moments like these.

I've said it before,
and I'll say it one million times over.
I am so thankful for Serra, my freshman dorm.
I've made friends of a lifetime.

Photo credit: Carl Romanos


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xx Caroline