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Laugh With Me
Laugh With Me


i really just want to snuggle in my blankets,
is that so wrong?

It's almost 3AM in the morning,
(just kidding. finishing time: it's now close to 6AM!)
and all I have to say is:
I've never felt more like a college student.

I'm in ratty sweats,
struggling to finish this computer science assignment,
and amped up on the caffeine that I never knew existed in chai.

This brings me back to last year.
I suffered from a severe case of
and that's a terrible disease to have when
you live in a dorm full of your closest friends.

Basically, last year, I would scurry to and fro
from all of the (fun! exciting! meaningful! hilarious!) events
going around me in the various dorm rooms,
and wouldn't end up sleeping until 4AM.

Every single day.

This is my first (and hopefully last) all-nighter of sophomore year.
It's just not the same when you're doing it for schoolwork.
I am so looking forward to sleeping all day tomorrow.

I apologize if this post sounds kind of delirious.
It's from the lack of sleep.

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? Was it for fun or not-so-fun stuff?


  1. I have not pulled an all-nighter in so long...I dont think I would survive. HAHA

    love that pic!

  2. I had a few all-nighters, but more of them were for fun events than for work, now that I think about it. I never understood how people were able to go to bed and just drag themselves up really early. That sounds like torture to me.

  3. yes i've pulled many all nighters! but the older i got i figured out to schedule myself so i wouldn't have to pull to many of those!

  4. That photo is gorgeous!
    I've actually never pulled an all nighter throughout university haha

  5. Wish that was my bedroom ;) !!!

  6. ah those are just part of college! hope you get some sleep!

  7. I used to pull all nighters all the time and they were not so fun! Always difficult to get back to a regular sleep schedule after you do a couple of them in a row hahaha

  8. mmmm dear, that´s the student life... I remember mine =(
    how was your weekend?

  9. Oh girl, you're making me tired. I remember those days all too well. Snuggle in some blankets and get some sleep!

  10. aww I know what you mean though, sometimes you just need a social break- to recharge!


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xx Caroline