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Cupola Pizzeria - Union Square, SF

Hi, Mollie!

It's kind of common sense, really,
that you can't really find a good restaurant in a mall.
They're either too gimmicky, too bad, too all-you-can-eat, too Food Court.
It's a fact of life,
just like you can't really find cheap souvenirs at Disney, our Stanford Bookstore,
or anywhere with... real souvenirs.

But when it's pouring outside, 
you just want to get some shopping done with your best friend,
who also needs to catch her train in about one hour,
and you haven't eaten in eight hours,
you go to the first place that looks (warm) and decent.

That's how Mollie and I came upon Cupola,
in the Dome of the Westfield Mall in SF.
And that's how Mollie and I spent more than $50 total
for two pastas and a drink.

Moral of the story:
(I don't actually have one.)
But... Cupola has great food - really delicious & unique.
What you're seeing in the last picture is tortellini in chicken broth,
with crispy pig ears.
And my belly found it greatly satisfying,
as did Mollie with her pasta and especially her drink...
(and the focaccia here is AMAZING.)
But it was also over $50.
And I'm a college student.
You do the math.

In all fairness, Cupola has such a funky vibe & great service,
so if you're not trying to survive on a college budget,
it would be a great place to check out if you're at the mall & don't want to
go out of your way for good food.

Thanks for visiting! Have a great Thursday!


  1. i know what you mean about mall restaurants, but the food pics seems like it is yummy!

  2. I know what you mean especially me who has so many food allergies I can never find anything to eat at a mall. The food looks yummy and I am really surprised that its so expensive but you are also in California and I am in Cleveland.

  3. This looks awesome! San Francisco is such a fantastic city :)

  4. Westfield Mall in SF has THE best food in any mall I have ever been too!!! I must have to try this place out! And, I just love I can hop on Bart and take a ride into this mall. Now I'm getting hungry!

  5. Ooh that looks so good! I must check that place out next time I'm in the city!


  6. No matter what, I prefer either the cheesecakefactory on top of Macy's or a salad at "la boulange" under the Dome of Westfield :)
    50 for pasta sound a bit too much :)

  7. I think mall food is either super cheap and crappy or really expensive. Looks good, though, just maybe not $50 good!

  8. I'm glad that it turned out to be pretty good!! Sometimes, when you're really starving, (8 hours sans food??!) it doesn't matter what you eat!!

  9. SO GOOD! who would have thought that a resty at a mall would be so good, right?! love this place!


  10. You're right, I'm impressed at how good the good looks for being in a mall! But also very expensive!!!

  11. great photos this looks so good!



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