San Francisco

San Francisco
San Francisco

Laugh With Me

Laugh With Me
Laugh With Me

a few little things...

... that make my heart happy.

baking bread with mama.
watching the Olympics with dad.
a perfect hair day.
rumbly thunderstorms.
discovering a new (to me) historical figure worth obsessing over.

oovooing with my college best friends (minus the busy bee roommate). intensive laugh session.
waking up early enough for breakfast.
homemade chai tea.
peanut butter on a dinner roll.
having the fan on and snuggling up in my favorite pink blanket.
being privileged enough to witness Michael Phelps's incredible career. and seeing it end spectacularly.

journaling in my lovely moleskine. (and discovering the hidden pocket at the back!) 
the Nike Running + app. and Nike Training Club.
having a treadmill at home so that i can have my late night runs while watching YouTube videos.
celebrity obsessions with the roommate.
my fuzzy purple chair.
discovering new blogs.

What are the little things in your life making you happy? :)


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  2. spending time with the family would make me happy too! great post!

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  3. Love the last picture.
    Sweet little sincere gestures.



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