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Senior Formal in Six Word Stories

Have you guys heard of six word stories? Here's a pretty great collection of them for you to skim – and you should! Some of them are seriously powerful. A couple weeks ago, we tried to write some six word stories in my fiction class, and just this weekend, a few friends and I played around with them some more. A very addicting exercise, y'know?

Senior Formal was last Friday at the San Francisco Exploratorium, and while I have sooooo many things I'd like to say about it (and I have ... in my journal... "thank goodness," you say), I thought I'd make a poor attempt at summing up the grand event in short form here. ("You're welcome," I say.)

Ready? *clears throat*

Whiteboard's bought and ready to blog.

What are the sunglasses doing there?

That was my warm up, okay? Okay. For real now.
Should we go? Shouldn't we go?

Can I borrow a dress please?

A party bus is HOW much?!

Splurged on blowout. Now addicted, oops.

Be ready in an hour!? HELP.

My feet hurt. They really hurt.
Looked to right. Saw Hollywood sign.

IDK how to contour, someone help.

My feet REALLY really hurt alot.

New friends, old friends, best friends.

Challenge: take enough pictures. Challenge failed.
Tacky Louis Vuitton adorned party bus.

Slippery floors, loud music, fast highway.

Crank up Beyonce! CRAZY IN LOVEEEEE.

Stopped at Denny's to pee. Yikes.

Got there in a flash. Party!

Beautiful friends, cherished memories, open bars!

Not found: buffet table. Total disappointment.

Forgot to play with exhibits. Fail.
Danced and laughed and was merry.


Never left photo booth line ever.

"I haven't seen you in forever."

Take a picture with me please!
Had to leave too, too soon.

Couldn't find bus. Ran in rain.

Pouring rain, it made me happy.

Too tired to dance on bus.

Can I take my shoes off?

My feet hurt. Seriously they do.

Will you make me taquitos please?
Let's run home in the rain!

Calzone. Pizza. Mozzarella. Water. Water. Water.

Is it bedtime yet? Is it?

Heart my bed most of all.

Spent all weekend recovering from formal.

It's come full circle, hasn't it?


  1. This looks like such a blast and you look absolutely stunning. All of your pictures look like the most perfect senior formal! It makes me wish I had some formal event to go to so I could dress up.

  2. So much fun, you all looked great!


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