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Living The {Lyfe Kitchen}

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After last week's harrowing and devastating events,
my mind's still reeling and I'm still struggling to understand -
but I've accepted the fact that I probably never will.

But amidst tragedy {last week was a long and difficult one:
not only did the Massachusetts events hurt us sharply,
but of course there are those who are struggling in
Texas and in China - both places especially close to my heart.
And then there are those hundreds of tragic events
that take place every day around the world that we never hear about}
I find that seeking joy and normalcy is important as ever.

And boy, do I have a lot of joy in my life -
my friends and family simply spoiled me on my birthday week.
Not only did I get to spend a fabulous weekend with my sister,
but my actual birthday was kickstarted by a surprise birthday party
organized by my besties and funded by my sister
{a princess theme, lots of pink, and even a pinata! they know me too well.}
and my day ended with a super mellow Sex and the City marathon with my suitemates.
On top of all that, I got some extra special quality time
with some of my favorite people - including, of course, that roommate of mine.

Last Sunday, we paid a visit to Lyfe Kitchen.
With healthy, light, and delicious fare & an affordable price range,
it was such a fun restaurant for a late brunch/early lunch.
The main takeaway point: everything was just so flavorful.
Sweet and tangy and savory and spicy, 
so many complex flavors mixed into a single dish -
and this rang true for every. single. thing. we. tried!
If healthy is always this yummy, I'd be a health nut any day!

Go & seek some joy in your day, friends!


  1. this place sounds amazing!! I had fish tacos this weekend too with extra guac :) Definitely agree about finding joy in times of grief/sadness. So important to appreciate and celebrate what we have! xox

  2. your blog always makes me so hungry!

  3. omgggggg LOOKS SO GOOD! omgosh i'm obsessed w/ fish tacos! and i love guac. omgosh especially chunky quac.. i feel like i seriously need to run out for some mexican food now haha!

  4. The food looks beyond tasty here! I can definitely feel the happiness through your post!

  5. Yes! We must remember the joy in our lives. We can't let the bad guys win by bringing us down!

  6. I always feel so much happier after reading your posts, Caroline. So serious about that. I do love a good Sex and the City marathon. This Lyfe kitchen place sounds pretty great!


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